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Pendant lights

We like to think of pendant lighting as jewelry for a ceiling. Some pendant lights provide general lighting, while others emit more directed light. They all top off a room with eye-catching style, whether you want a romantic glass chandelier or a sci-fi inspired, shapeshifting globe.

Bring warmth to your home with pendant lighting

Pendant lights are stylish additions to any room, particularly kitchen and dining rooms, that pour down from the ceiling like jewelry to provide direct lighting, general lighting or a combination of both as some hanging lights emit a warming glow through openings in their woven patterns or holes of their hand-knitted lamp shades.

Let pendant lighting accentuate your style in any room

Choose styles of pendant lights for specific settings based on their look and how they distribute light.


Use hanging lights to illuminate your knife work and all other meal prep at your kitchen island. For maximum direct light to any kitchen counter, you can choose a pendant lamp with a softly shaped beige metal shade topped with a decorative detail in solid tan birch than can complement other modern design elements in the kitchen. If you want an industrial look, the metal shade recalls classic street or work lamps with an elegant edge while directing light in a wide swath directly below to your kitchen counter or kitchen table. Line up multiple pendant lamps over bigger kitchen islands or prep stations for more illumination and a greater sense of grandeur. As with any room, three pendant lights over a larger island strike a better balance than two placed at either end.

Dining Room

Here’s where you may want to go with a showstopper. Wow your family at holiday gatherings or friends at a dinner party with chandeliers made of woven bamboo that provides a rustic and stylishly artful expression. These pendant lamps emit a soft warm glow as light casts in a wide arc below while also filtering through the bamboo to cast playful designs on the wall. Options range from a pendant lamp that looks like a woven vase with triangular patterns to one with diamond patterns that widens to a wicker band in the middle.


Create airiness and open up spaces with the direct lighting of a pendant lamp. Want guests to be pleasantly struck by your style choices right away? Choose a pendant with a powder coated steel shade topped with a decorative crown of solid birch for a rustic industrial look in your foyer or entry hallway. Our selection of calming, modern designed pendants  will welcome anyone to your home while crisply illuminating any foyer or hallway that your front door opens onto.


Enjoy a soft glowing light that gives your home a warm and welcomingatmosphere when cuddling up under the blankets to read together before goingto bed. A hand-stitched pendant lamp that gently sprinkles light through is also great for cozy sessions on the couch during movie night.

Pendant lighting tips

It’s standard to suspend pendant lighting roughly 12-20 inches from an 8-ft ceiling. Have a higher ceiling? No problem. Add 3 inches to how low you hang your pendant lamps with each additional foot of ceiling height. How many pendant lamps do you need? While the length of your dining room table or kitchen island plays a role in terms of just how much lighting you need, consider the aesthetics of proportionality as well. For longer kitchen or dining room tables, three chandelier pendant lamps, with the middle one hanging a bit lower, can create a more balanced look for more stunning intimate gatherings.

Frequently asked questions about pendant lights

What is pendant lighting used for?

To combine soft, crisp light below—for meal prep, dining or reading—with dreamy, warming light that can filter through artful pendant lamp shades. Whatever pendant lamps you choose, you’ll create atmosphere with a marriage of warming light and stunning design.

How is pendant lighting installed?

Pendant lamps can be hung from a ceiling hook or can have their connecting base mounted to the ceiling with screws.

How big should pendant lighting be?

There should be between 24 to 36 inches from the bottom of your pendant lamp shade to your kitchen countertop, dining room table or living room side table. Some pendant lamps come with a cord set with a disc that allows you to easily adjust the cord length so that the lamp hangs at the height you want. So raise your hanging lights higher when gather around the kitchen island for drinks, and lower it when you’re doing fine knife work for meal prep.