HEJNE End cap, gray
HEJNE End cap, gray

Protects the cross-cut end of HEJNE post from moisture and dirt.

Article Number902.866.73

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Protects the cross-cut end of HEJNE post from moisture and dirt.To be used on HEJNE posts, sold separately.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number902.866.73
  • Polyethylene
  • Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • HEJNEEnd capArticle Number902.866.73
    Width: 1 ¾ "Height: ¾ "Length: 3 "Weight: 1 ozPackage(s): 1

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2 pack


Keeps my shelf system from slippingAmiqueI like how simple but effective these are in not letting my shelf system slip around.5
Protects the floorsJonathanThis little guys protect the floor from scratches4
Worthless now after they changed the spec.Shane OskiI purchase the Hejne system several years ago and love them. But they recently changed the specs. These feet no longer work if you use the bottom hole for your first shelf close to the ground. They shortened the long board a couple of inches thus making the hole closer to the edge - Result makes the caps worthless. Someone higher up though they would save some money but it ended up ruining the product. The space between the shelf slats are larger too. They really cheapened up this line at IKEA. Sad.1
Won’t fit when bottom shelf at bottomRob PThe picture of an assembled Hejne shelf shows a shelf at the bottom holes. However when assembled this way, the end caps won’t fit. You’d have to sacrifice about 6-7 inches at the bottom to make way for the 3” end cap. Bad decision on Ikea’s part to not sell end caps that fit correctly when the shelves are assembled according to the picture. Now I have 32 end caps for about $16 that I can’t use. I live too far from Ikea to make the trip back. Argh.1

Sturdy storage from solid wood

At IKEA, we work hard to keep prices down. One way is reducing the number of production steps. This helped making HEJNE shelves an affordable buy. As much of the production as possible is done right where the timber is felled. But keeping prices low is one thing. The real trick is to be sustainably minded, too. In the case of HEJNE, it was easy. What helps make the shelves more affordable, also makes them more sustainable.

In northern Sweden, the landscape grows into large forests of pine and spruce. It’s from areas like this that the wood for HEJNE is felled. It meets the IKEA requirements for “wood from more sustainable sources”. The key is to use more parts of each tree and to cut transportation costs by producing where the tree is sourced.

Sourced from sustainable forests

"The first part is harvesting the timber from responsibly managed forests, and then it’s on to the sawmill," says Jesper Gunnerling who helped source the wood. The outer sections of the log are what we use to make HEJNE. The price for these parts is lower, without losing the benefits of solid wood. "There's no difference at all in strength," Jesper says. "But furniture makers don't always use this type of wood because it has these natural markings in the timber where branches have come out from the trunk."

Strong and straightforward storage

Solid timber is so strong that each HEJNE unit can be used to store heavy loads, like a garage worth of tools. There's no paint or extra fittings, just practical and strong solid wood shelves to make sturdy, unpretentious storage, ready for years of service around the home. That’s likeable, don’t you think?

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What is PE plastic?

PE, or polyethylene, is a versatile plastic with many uses. It can be soft and flexible as well as tough and strong. At IKEA we use PE for things like plastic bags, freezer bags, ice packs and chopping boards. A big reason why we like this plastic is that it’s recyclable and can also be made from renewable raw materials like corn and sugar cane. Look for the symbol with a triangle and the number 2 or 4 if you want to choose plastic made from renewable raw materials.

End cap, gray

$1.00/ 2 pack
To be used on HEJNE posts, sold separately.
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HEJNE End cap, gray


$1.00/ 2 pack