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Hand & power tools

IKEA offers affordable, durable hand tools and power tools to complete your home tool box set. Our electric screwdrivers and cordless drill tool set designs feature convenient, built-in lithium-ion batteries to power all your projects with ease. Our must-have hand tools feature soft, easy-grip handles, including hammers, wrenches, pliers and more. Add a trusty tape measure and you’re all set to take your list from to-do to ta-done!

Hand tools designed for weekend warriors

At IKEA, we focus on designing products that make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. We aim to exceed your expectations, bringing smart designs at affordable prices. In our hand tools collection, we bring it all together, creating durable, high-quality manual and power tools ready to tackle the most common projects. These aren’t the industrial tools you’ll see professionals using on home renovation shows, and they don’t carry the same price tag either. But if you’re like most people, you’re hanging a picture much more often than you’re jackhammering the foundation! 

Affordable power tools to tackle your to-do list

If your home project pile is growing with every passing day, treat yourself to a weekend of accomplishments that will feel as good as they look! Our compact home power tools make short work of putting together furniture, hanging shelves and pictures and more. Our popular drill tool set is powerful enough to tackle jobs around the house, and compact enough to keep handy for whatever to-do pops up next.

Invest in a small but mighty tool box set for your home, and never let not having the right tool put off another project!