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KOLBJÖRN Cabinet, indoor/outdoor, beige,

Price $ 149.00
KOLBJÖRN Cabinet, indoor/outdoor, beige, 31 1/2x31 7/8 "
KOLBJÖRN Cabinet, indoor/outdoor, brown-red, 31 1/2x31 7/8 "

How to get it

Perfect to have on the balcony for plant pots and garden tools, in the hallway for shoes or in the bathroom to keep shampoos and towels organized. May be completed with the KOLBJÖRN shelving unit on top.

Article Number304.092.95

Product details

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The cabinet is durable, easy to clean and protected from rust since it is made of powder-coated galvanized steel.

Stands evenly on an uneven floor since the feet can be adjusted.

If you want a larger storage solution, on top of the cabinet you can place the KOLBJÖRN shelving unit, sold separately.

The doors close tightly and are kept closed by a magnetic lock.


IKEA of Sweden


Width: 31 1/2 "

Depth: 13 3/4 "

Height: 31 7/8 "


These things are junkChristopherAll the metal ikea cabinets are junk. I own these are the bror. The himges for the doors are absolutely useless and fail almost everytime you open them. Soend more money and buy something of actual quality.1
Perfect sizePamWe purchased this for our patio to store away sprinkler, gardening tools, pots, etc, but keep them accessible. It's profile makes it easy to tuck under the window & not take away patio space.5
Almost perfect, but door alignment will make or break some buyers Justinthis cabinet it's cute and fits well in any space that needed storage. The metal feels durable. The paint job is aesthetically pleasing. Here’s my criticism—The hinges are held together by allen wrenches, and the metal pieces are secured using tabs that you have to fold in with a screwdriver. I carried on and folded the dinky metal tabs, plopped in the Allen wrench hinges, and added final touches that include a locking mechanism and magnets. HOWEVER— the doors are crooked!! This did bug me at first. Many others witness the same flaw, but I chose to live with it. Wabi-sabi. This will be a huge dealbreaker for some. It’s impossible to get the doors to line up. the lack of fine tuning, unlike ikea’s living room consoles, is disappointing. While this serves looks in style, it falls short on quality. I don’t recommend this unless you enjoy the dimensions and vibe of this piece. Otherwise, it’s totally fine to skip this and avoid the pain and headache. It’s also quite pricey. 3
Lovely colourPatriciaLooks good. Front one of cabinet with a shallow dent. Door apparatus imperfect on one.4
PerfectLisaI happen upon this cabinet in the as-is section. It's very sturdy and fit perfectly in my bathroom.5
Surprisingly niceDanielaGreat cabinet. Wasn’t sure about the metal but if I get tired of it inside will work great as a planting station outside. Easy to put together, seems sturdy. The doors will need a little wiggling so they sit even/right.4
flimsy assemblyRosalooks super cute, but the doors are crooked and did not align at all. I had to force it to close tight3
Assembly nightmareSuzanneI’ve been assembling ikea products for 40+ years. This one was a disaster. Finished product looks good, fulfills the need for which it was purchased, but don’t try this alone. You need at least 4 hands to put it together.4
Basic but greatSusanThese are perfect for housing all the items for indoor/outdoor plants. I purchased 4 for the backyard; installed locking caster wheels (8 mm threaded stem), so they are mobile and about 2.75" inches taller. I plan on using them as a work surface, so the additional 2.75" helps. The neutral beige color is basic, but perfect for an outdoor cabinet. I also purchased a Tostero cover, to shield them from the elements (they are rated for outdoor use, but they are not waterproof). I have bags of soil and soil amendments, within 1 cabinet, so keeping it free from rain is necessary. Easy to assemble, all 4 cabinets were completed within 2 hours, by one individual. Not all of the doors align properly. I had to use washers to ensure the door would clear the bottom shelf to close entirely. Hopefully with the Tostero cover, these cabinets will last for a while.5
KolbjornMargieThis is placed it in my kitchen, but what I like mostly is the color, beautiful. At first I had some difficulties putting it together but I took my time and I didn't together.5
Solid but leakyJamesNice solid attractive product; easy to assemble; a lot of water gets inside the cabinet when it rains (have it on a deck.)4
Beautiful product with lots of rough edges.ChrisI want to like this product, but it has a lot of questionable design decisions. First, it is stackable, but they don't include something like a rubber mount to preserve the paint job. Second, the metal is flimsy including metal tabs that you have to pull into place. This makes the locking mechanism questionable. Third, the paint wears when in direct sunlight. It's a beautiful color but at the end of the day it's just a locker. Pragmatically, do I like that the shelving is adjustable which I wasn't expecting. Oh, and IKEA is famous for their no-language instructions, and this product has the worst assembly instructions of any IKEA I've ever assembled.3
Perfect for our PatioHeatherThis was just the solution we needed for our patio. We have it by our grill and are using it as an outdoor buffet for entertaining.5
Sturdy CabinetVerified BuyerI have this cabinet outside and it's held up well to the elements. The spray coated color has not faded in the direct sun. Great product so far..5
Neutral heavenLyudmylaWe are renting an apartment with grayish beige walls and this blends in beautifully. White furniture can be an eye sore when overdone so having a piece in this sturdy material is a very nice addition to my small furniture collection. I will probably buy more stuff from this range as I really like the creamy color. My bf assembled this in less than an hour.5
I wish I could say I'm delighted with this pieceANTONELLAI wish I could say I'm delighted with this piece but, it's been more than two weeks since I called customer service to send me a replacement for a defective leg and I haven't received it yet. The parts are still in a pile in my dining room. Case number 652721781
Cheap POSEricThis is not even close to as nice as the images. The lines are not clean, the doors sag, and the doors don’t even close flush. I would return it if I could.1
Cheap, Frustrating “Design”AustinThis was the only cabinet I could find for outdoor use that wasn’t over $400, but of course you get what you pay for. I appreciated the warnings in other reviews about being careful to keep the back and sides separate during assembly. It still took a really long time to get it assembled. But what absolutely drives my blood pressure through the roof is the way the doors are designed. They use an L-shaped pin that slides through a brace on the top and bottom, and then into a hole in the cabinet frame. Any slight movement of a door will cause the top pin to fall out. Sometimes it falls out on the ground, and I have to search for it. Sometimes, it falls into the cabinet. And it never fails—if this happens with one door, once I secure the pin back in place and open the other door, it happens with that one too. I’m going to try taping them in place, but I’m too frustrated by putting them back on over and over again. Invest in something that wasn’t designed on the cheap.1
Adorable, functional outdoor storage for garden toolsJoanI put two green cabinets next to a green work table on the back patio to store gardening tools, plant pots, fertilizer, pesticides, hummingbird feeder syrup....etc. They look wonderful on the red pavers, and provide easy access. Assembling is easy, the only issue is holes for front door hinges are too small that need to re-drill. The instructions would be better if add more details. The metal is not of heavy industrial quality, but is perfect for my needs. It is definitely a bargain for the price.5
perfect accent and storage pieceAlisonWe use this for shoe storage just inside our front door. This adds the perfect pop of color. It was very easy to put together.5


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Steel has unique characteristics when it is stretched and shaped since it remains strong. It provides strength to everything from skyscrapers and cars to bed frames and outdoor furniture. The steel industry is moving in the direction of more energy-efficient production and stronger steel qualities. It doesn’t lose any of its properties when recycled and today steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world.