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HEJNE Shelf unit, softwood,

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HEJNE storage system is sturdy and strong enough for even the heaviest loads in your garage, basement or attic. Keep the solid wood untreated or stain, paint or wax as you like, to make it more personal.

Article Number390.314.11

Product details

You can easily expand your combination if you need more storage by adding on sections and shelves.

Untreated solid pine is a durable natural material that can be painted, oiled or stained according to preference.

You can personalize the furniture even more by staining or painting it your favorite color.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.

    For higher stability, add a cross-brace to every second section.

    Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.

  • Material
    Post/ shelf
    Solid pine, Solid spruce
    Steel, Galvanized
  • This furniture must be secured to the wall.
  • Post/shelf

    By using a renewable material like wood in this product, we avoid using fossil or finite materials.

    We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.

  • Assembly instructionsHEJNE Shelf002.878.08


Width: 30 3/4 "

Depth: 12 1/4 "

Height: 67 3/8 "

Max load/shelf: 77 lb

  • This product comes as 5 packages.
    HEJNEArticle Number002.866.77

    Width: 2 ¾ "

    Height: 1 ¼ "

    Length: 67 ¼ "

    Weight: 3 lb 7 oz

    Package(s): 2

    HEJNEArticle Number002.878.08

    Width: 11 "

    Height: 2 "

    Length: 31 ½ "

    Weight: 6 lb 11 oz

    Package(s): 2

    OBSERVATÖRArticle Number877.496.00

    Width: ¾ "

    Height: ½ "

    Length: 40 ¼ "

    Weight: 7 oz

    Package(s): 1

Versatile pieceMelindaVersatile piece5
Wonderful shelf, not precise enoughCanIt looks and feels great. It even smells great, but the pieces are not made precise enough. I am used to seeing a higher level of precision from IKEA. Production quality should go up over time with technology improving or at least remain the same. This is slightly disappointing.4
I got the wrong sizeJocelynI got the wrong size3
I like it for itsCHUCKI like it for its utilitarian uses5
It is not level, butHazelIt is not level, but it stands and holds items as needed.4
Excellent storageCHRISTINEThis pine shelf unit is helping organize basement storage. It was easy to put together, although it takes 4 hands, and the design allows for adjustment of the shelf heights. Perfect for storing seasonal items!5
Good BonesBarbaraWe bought two of these plus 8 shelves, assembled them together, then built a door for one, enclosed three sides and the door with hardware cloth, and our cat has a “catio” (cat patio) that will be accessed from a window fitted with a kitty door panel whenever he needs time outside. The stabilization wires cross-crossed in the back are a necessity to keep the units from falling over! We found the idea on YouTube and enjoyed using these Ikea shelves to make the job simple! We also used wood sealer to protect it from the elements.5
FunctionalMARIANAPerfect for my sewing studio5
Perfect for a studio homeValerie P.Perfect for a studio home with no pantry add a plant and a candle with done baskets, bins to beatify it5
Excellent secondary storage solution.LeExcellent secondary storage solution.5
PerfectKimberlyWorks great need to buy another one5
A good sturdy shelving unit!LisaA good sturdy shelving unit!5
SturdyNICKIEI really like this line and how customizable it is.5
Great natural looking storageJonathanThis is easy to assemble and looks great. One of the shelves I purchased was broken so I had to return it and when I went back they were out of stock. I have to go back when they are in stock again4
nice shelfBarbaragreat size, easy to put together.5
Wow, flimsy.norwood7Bought because the shelves were supposed to be able to hold 75lb each. We figured that was optimistic and loaded it much more lightly, but even then, it sways alarmingly with even a light touch. Each shelf appears to have 2 screw holes, but only 1 can be used per shelf. You can't use both holes unless you are yoking 2 or more units together. Even a light load will bow the thin wood on the shelves, and the unit really has to be screwed to the wall to have any stability at all -- here the wall attachment isn't just to protect children who'd attempt to climb it. This is problematic if you have any sort of baseboard at all, because you won't be able to connect it to the wall and the unit basically doesn't work without that.1
Loving the extra storage space!Maureen4715In a move to downsize, we had way too many kitchen items. This Hejne unit was placed on a counter to give us more vertical space in an otherwise “dead space” in a kitchen corner. Simple. Open concept shelving. Even added a green plant - looks great!5
Sturdier than expectedWilliam1962Purchased recently to use for a home stereo component rack. I decided to install two additional shelves in the rack for a total of five right now. May add one more at the top of the unit in the near future. I have two integrated amplifiers, a small tube amplifier, three CD players, a cassette deck and Tuner (AM and FM) on the rack right now. No movement from the rack whatsoever. Very secure despite the fact I cannot attach to the wall. That of course is recommended and should be done in most cases. Adding the extra shelves improves the stability of the rack and makes it sturdier than using just the shelves that come with the rack. To improve the overall strength of the rack, add more shelves.4
Excellent garage organizerNancyE73I have had one for many years (36+) and has continued to be an excellent storage unit. I added another one about 4 years ago...and it still lives up to expectations. I recently moved and with the new house we added a couple more to complete a full garage wall of storage. Love them!!!5
Surprisingly FlimsyPBDikeaI understand affixing storage units to a wall to prevent tipping, and that different storage units come in at vastly different price points, hence different quality/stability. However, I don't understand a storage unit NEEDING to be affixed to a wall, because it can't stand on it's own at all. I feel like you should probably just install dedicated shelving, with support brackets or rails. That's basically what I ended up doing with the parts from this unit. I took the support posts, and cut them into rails installed horizontally in a closet then affixed the shelves atop them. They support a LOT more weight now, and it costed about 70% of the original price, because I returned one pack of the posts and the metal cross brace I didn't need. Maybe if you're creating an elaborate system of exposed Hejne shelving for a kitchen or living room and prefer the wood design, it makes sense, but for individual storage units, I wouldn't recommend this product at all.2
HEJNE Shelf unit, softwood, 30 3/4x12 1/4x67 3/8 "

Sturdy storage from solid wood

At IKEA, we work hard to keep prices down. One way is reducing the number of production steps. This helped making HEJNE shelves an affordable buy. As much of the production as possible is done right where the timber is felled. But keeping prices low is one thing. The real trick is to be sustainably minded, too. In the case of HEJNE, it was easy. What helps make the shelves more affordable, also makes them more sustainable.

The key is to use more parts of each tree and to cut transportation costs by producing where the tree is sourced.

Sourced from sustainable forests

"The first part is harvesting the timber from responsibly managed forests, and then it’s on to the sawmill," says Jesper Gunnerling who helped source the wood. The outer sections of the log are what we use to make HEJNE. The price for these parts is lower, without losing the benefits of solid wood. "There's no difference at all in strength," Jesper says. "But furniture makers don't always use this type of wood because it has these natural markings in the timber where branches have come out from the trunk."

Strong and straightforward storage

Solid timber is so strong that each HEJNE unit can be used to store heavy loads, like a garage worth of tools. There's no paint or extra fittings, just practical and strong solid wood shelves to make sturdy, unpretentious storage, ready for years of service around the home. That’s likeable, don’t you think?


What is solid wood?

Solid wood is one of our favorite materials and is part of our Scandinavian heritage. It is also a timeless material with many uses. Regardless of the wood species, it is durable, beautiful, renewable and recyclable. We strive to use this raw material as smartly and efficiently as possible to avoid waste – and we also invest in facilities and logistics so that we can increase the use of recycled wood. This way, every tree is put to good use that little extra.