IKEA for cats and dogs

In a living room, a large Great Dane dog sits on top of a KLIPPAN sofa while a small black dog sits on a LURVIG dog bed beside it.

IKEA for cats and dogs

To understand what pets need, we need to think like them. That’s why we brought in pet-loving designers and trained veterinarians to help develop IKEA’s cat and dog home collection. The LURVIG range was created with our pets’ natural needs and behavior as starting points.

A perfect match

What’s wonderful about LURVIG is how it easily fits into IKEA classics, like a cat house that fits perfectly into a KALLAX shelving unit. Or a pet-sized version of the iconic KLIPPAN sofa that matches our human-sized ones. There is also a smart cat house that slips over a simple MARIUS stool.

Made especially for cats

These tall ceramic bowls make it easier for cats to reach their food or water. Plus, it’s reversible so that you have two sizes to choose from.

Designed for all personalities

For the dashing divas and Zen-like philosophers. For the endearing introverts and playful extroverts. Every pet has its own personality and needs. That’s why LURVIG offers a wide range of pet furniture and accessories with plenty of colors, patterns and textures to choose from. Pink and fluffy? Or sleek and patterned? It’s up to you (or Buddy).

Snuggle and cuddle

Dogs are cute and cuddly. But sometimes they can be messy too; plopping down on the furniture right after rolling around outside. No worries, you can easily keep this cozy cushion clean. Just take off the removable cover and toss it in the machine.

Double duty bed

This adorable pet bed can be used in two ways: as a cozy nook with walls or – when you put it upside down – as a higher bed which gives your dog (or cat) a clear view in all directions.