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Bath towels

Whether you’re a bedtime bather or a morning shower is a must, our lush and plush bath towels will quickly become a favorite part of your routine. With pure cotton and cotton blends to choose from in an array of designs, thicknesses, colors, patterns and prints, we make it easy to find towels you love using as much as you love looking at them! IKEA bath towels bring superior softness, style and absorbency—the total towel package.

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100% Cotton Bath Towels

Our pure cotton bath towels are consistently among our most popular, available in colors, sizes and designs to suit all budgets and preferences. As for what makes 100% cotton towels so popular? A few benefits include…

  • Softness and Durability: There’s simply no match for the gets-softer-with-every-wash feel of cotton towels. Whether you prefer thick and plush towels you can wrap around your body and lounge around in, or thinner towels that dry quickly and take up less space in the wash, you’ll find pure cotton options in the hottest hues and prints at IKEA
  • Absorbency: One of the most important functions of bath towels is that they dry your skin thoroughly and quickly, and thirsty pure cotton towels are up to the task
  • Sensitive Skin Friendly: From bedding to bath towels, 100% cotton is a smart choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Not only is the fabric soft and unlikely to cause irritation, but it can also be washed and dried at high temps to help in maintaining optimal freshness

Cotton Blend Bath Towels

While pure cotton towels are typically the softest, many people prefer cotton blends for a mixture of softness, durability and quicker drying. Because pure cotton is so absorbent it can take a bit longer to dry than cotton blend towels, both after use and in the dryer. 

Our cotton blend bath towels and hair towel wraps are available in cotton/viscose, cotton/polyester and cotton/lyocell blends. Some people even prefer different fabrics depending on which type of towel they’re shopping for, such as 100% cotton bath towels and quick-dry cotton blend hair towel wraps. Mix things up to see which you like best while adding texture and dimension to your bathroom in the process!