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Home storage units & cabinets

Keeping office supplies and paperwork filed away neatly where you can quickly find them is easy with smart storage solutions in office furniture. Choose from office storage cabinets with double sliding doors to hold projectors and printers, sets of drawers for all your file folders, shelving to put books and magazines on display or any storage combination that meets your needs. Since everyday work at the office can demand a lot from office furniture, all storage solutions are tested to the highest degree to meet strict standards for quality and durability. For this reason, IKEA offers a limited warranty against defects in materials, workmanship and function on all main parts in many office storage cabinets and other office furniture. This limited warranty is subject to the applicable terms and conditions.

Office filing cabinets for organization and storage

While you may have to store signed copies of important documents or invoices, you definitely don’t have to deal with an untidy mess. Smart filing cabinets help you stay organized in a way that cuts down on clutter, while helping you find paperwork or file folders when you need them. Enjoy clever features such as drawer stops that prevent drawers from being pulled out too far. And since no one wants unnecessary noise in the office, integrated dampeners ensure drawers close slowly, silently and softly. Choose from a storage unit topped with shelving or go with different arrangements in filing cabinets that include drawers stacked vertically and/or horizontally.

Keeping documents, paperwork, and files secure

When certain documents are for your eyes only, rest assured by setting the code for the combination lock for filing cabinets to safely store papers and expensive office equipment and supplies. Secure sliding doors or cabinets on other storage solutions with a lock and key.

Find a style to match your office

From metal storage cabinets with elements of wood to all metal or all wood storage cabinets, drawers or storage combinations, there are styles to fit any office. Choose from black or white steel storage solutions, or go with the natural expression of wood.

Frequently asked questions about office storage cabinet

What are the measurements of a filing cabinet?

15 inches is the standard width for letter-size filing cabinets. For legal-size files, the width is 18 ¼ inches. The depth should be over 16 inches. Height of filing cabinets depend on how many drawers you need.

What are the two types of filing cabinets?

Horizontal or lateral filing cabinets versus vertical filing cabinets. Go vertical with two or three drawers of filing or double up with a set of six stacked together vertically. Horizontal filing cabinets are available in stacks of four filing drawers.

What do you use file cabinets for?

To conveniently store important documents in file folders. File cabinets keep things tidy while helping you stay organized.