IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "

A neat drawer unit on castors that you can easily roll in under the desk or move where you need it. Built-in dampers close the drawers softly and quietly – so you don’t disturb your colleagues.

Article Number104.725.89

Product details

10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.You can customize and personalize your storage by putting magnets on the outside.Casters make it easy to roll the storage unit under your desk or around the room.Integrated damper closes the drawer silently and gently.You can attach magnets to the metal surface and use it as a pin board.This storage unit has been tested for office use and meets the requirements for durability and stability set forth in the following standards: EN 14073, EN14074, ANSI/BIFMA x5.9 and ISO-7170.Designer

Jon Karlsson

Article Number104.725.89
  • Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Possible to separate for recycling or energy recovery if available in your community.
  • IDÅSENDrawer unit on castersArticle Number104.725.89
    Width: 19 "Height: 4 ¾ "Length: 25 ½ "Weight: 39 lb 7 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

16 1/2 "
18 1/2 "
24 "


PracticalValerieThis cabinet goes nicely with the Idasen desk. It’s easy to assemble with patience though desk was even easier.5
love itEricThis is a great product. Just needs to be a little cheaper5
It"s a nice little fileRobertaIt's a nice little file holder on wheels. It would be better if there was a way to lock the wheels, it moves very easily on my wood floors.5
Nice Looking File Cabinet, Difficult to InstallLisa109This is a great looking cabinet but difficult to install (and we have installed a lot of IKEA stuff). Requires patience. The golden brown color is gorgeous. Not sure about the other reviews, but it fits letter sized files just fine for us; there is an adapter piece included.4
Excellent!dondraperBeutiful drawer unit. It was not hard to assemble as other reviews have said, just requires a little bit more time than normal, but I really had no issue. True that it doesn't fit US size document hangers, which is the only negative thing.5
Great lookingRaise484This was more difficult than most IKEA pieces to assemble (and we’re pretty experienced), but we’re glad we persevered. It’s stylish and sturdy! The drawer slides are ingenious and work well.4
Regular File Folders Don’t FitACM87I purchased, assembled, and went to use this unit only to discover that it only takes European sized hanging files. Fun fact, IKEA USA doesn’t carry these.1
Frustrating to buildIrish RoverI had read previous reviews warning just how difficult this unit can be to build, but as a seasoned IKEA pro, I ignored the warnings and purchased the unit anyway. I have never experienced such frustration in my life as putting this thing together. Some of the pre-drilled holes were too big, others were too small, and others didn’t line up. I had to resort to drilling holes to make them larger or adding plugs to reduce the size of others. In all, it took me an entire day to build the thing. Sure, it looks attractive and seems sturdy, but would I do it again? No way! Now I face the added frustration of finding files that will fit!1
MerintxLove the look , color and fits perfect on the intended spot. What I don’t like is that the top drawer goes in too deep and not leveled to edge.4
Defective product. Nightmare to put together.KimJaxIn directions, page 6, step 3, the back panel is not long enough. there is at least a 1” gap. Then on page 12, step 12, it says to insert 4 screws but there is nothing to screw into (like a bottom foundation?). Thought there was a missing piece but instructions dont indicate that. Finished putting together thinking another piece would be inserted. Nightmare 3 hours putting together. Customer Service was no help. all they said is to take back to store and ship mire defective piece and they’ll try to explain step 12. My complaint reference # 50704106. i refuse to spend another 3 hours putting together a new one.1
Lovely file cabinet, no installation issuesValentine_WigginHello! I just bought this today from Kea and I love it. I read the reviews prior and so I had a heads up on two possible issues: 1 - people say it's difficult to put together 2 - the file drawer width is A4 which is typically the size for European file folders. I was not daunted. I picked it up, stopped at at the office supply store before coming home, and as recommended by another reviewer I purchased a $13 drawer free standing file holder metal contraption (technical term). For those of you daunted by putting it together it took me about an hour and a half. It was fun. I had tv on and had no mistakes. You know that geometric ball with shapes for toddlers where they have to match the right shape to the right hole? That’s what putting together furniture is. Get out all the hardware. Sort them. Label them so you know which number is which. And then look at the picture. It takes a couple minutes sometimes to make sure you have the right piece, but take a couple minutes to make sure you have the right piece. It’s worth it. I had no issues with any of the screws EXCEPT one shape...the longer of the pointy screws. Those you did have to use a little extra muscle. One you get past the sticky bit it becomes easy again. All of my edges matched, the drawers work great. I assembled the folder mental insert, put it in the drawers and they worked perfectly. 5 stars. Cute. Worth it. Works well.5
Beautiful on the outside, nightmare to assemble.AuthenticTedI've tackled over a half dozen IKEA projects, and anytime something went wrong was my fault in reading the instructions. Not the case here, and I won't blame myself. You really need three hands, and an extra brain because they aren't intuitive. Worse, the label holder studs on the inside of the top drawer forced me into bending (damaging) the inside bottom to fit. Four hours later, it's done, but I'm not happy. Way more expensive than it should have been and poor ergonomics inside. I'm not giving up on you completely, IKEA, but this is not one of your better designs. So disappointed...1
Beautiful but incredible difficult and not flushMichelle1021Seeing as this is a metal unit - you can't just push the screws in like you can with wood. Subsequently if there are any issues with the screws - you're outta luck. Ikea did send me more of a particular screw (6 qty) and that almost worked. I ended up with one of those screws that still did not fit - but it's good enough. There were 4 other screws that just didn't tighten down all the way. For now - I'm leaving it. When all is said and done - the drawers are not flush - with themselves or the body of the unit. But I don't care anymore. I'm exhausted.3
Looks great but pay close attentionDayan JImenezIt looks great but its dimensions are not common, I needed it to modify the hanger rack for folders for the botton drawer and it is a little unstable when full, so just make sure to pay attention when you open the botton drawer3
A SOLUTION TO FIT FILESMalPalUnfortunately, after spending an hour and a half building this adorable drawer, I came to the realization that letter size file hangers do not fit and are too small. So naturally I went to the store and got bigger legal size files... well those did not fit either because they were too big. SOOOO I did all this research and it turns out this file cabinet design does not fit American size file hangers and only fits European size files. OF FLIPPIN COURSE..... I spent too much time trying to figure out a way to fit American files in this drawer.... BUT I'm posting this so everyone knows that I found a solution, that works and you all don't have to struggle like I did. I bought an adjustable filing rack for American letter sized files on Amazon to fit inside the drawer. This allowed me to use the letter size file hangers without searching for European file hangers that Ikea does not sell by the way. Even though I spent too much time and money on this piece of furniture, it is overall very cute and pretty sturdy.3
Rolling file cabinetZelta12It’s great extra storage I love the open tray on top. Handy for stapler, tape and pens. The instructions could be a little more detailed. Perhaps number the pieces. It took awhile to figure out which part was which just by the pictures.4
Take heart, there"s a solutionCalmanI totally agree with the other reviewers that Idasen requires a degree from MIT to construct and it doesn't handle American file folders. But wait, there's a solution to the latter problem. We went to Staples and purchased a metal file hangar mechanism and cut it to fit inside the file drawer. The fix cost only $12.99 at Staples and it works beautifully! Now it's attractive and functional. Shame on Ikea for selling this product.2
File cabinet that fits NO filesBradley2710The color is AMAZING, as is the overall style, which is why I bought it. But sadly this is not made for U.S. files or documents. And surprisingly, IKEA doesn't make any functioning insert to fix the issue. So, if you want a file cabinet, buy something else.1
European size filesJapascBought this a week ago put it together and discovered it was too wide for lettersize file hangers. So I went back to Ikea and purchased the Summera file hangers displayed with the cabinet. The ikea employee told me these would work. When I got home I found out the Summera hangers would not work. So I called the Ikea toll free number to ask them the proper size file hangers to buy and if they sold them. I was told they couln’t tell me the proper size and the Summera was the only thing they sold. I do not see much point in Ikea selling products they cannot support or provide correct information on.1
Two Day ExtravaganzakaileylambertOkay wow where to begin. Absolutely beautiful piece and the color looks great however it took my boyfriend and I two whole days to figure out the instructions. The instructions are vague and incorrect where it shows the installation of the wrong bar at the bottom in the photo so we had to completely take it apart and attempt without instructions to fix it. After a nights rest and another 2 hours, we finally got this to work perfectly then BOOM! It doesn't fit regular file hangers! The whole point of my purchase was to hide my files in a pleasantly aesthetic way and now it sits in a metal file holder I purchased from Target on top. At least that fits in the top space.2

Drawer unit on casters, dark gray16 1/2x24 "

IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, golden brown, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "
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IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "