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Black-out shades & blinds

The moon shining into your room might look beautiful. But if you prefer a good sleep with no interruptions from moonlight, street lights or the sun coming up, black-out blinds are the perfect solution. Check out the styles and colors and find affordable blackout blinds that suit the look and feel of your bedroom or wherever you like to snooze.

Choose blackout shades when you need to sleep in late

Whether you just want some extra rest on the weekend, you work the overnight shift or you have a little one who needs a nap at 4pm, there’s a wide range of blackout shades to choose from. While they make for more restful sleep and relaxation by blocking out light, blackout shades also make for a stunning home theater experience by eliminating glare as you drop the lights and grab the popcorn for the feature presentation.

Enjoy knockout features with smart blackout shades

Maybe you’re equally exhausted after putting the little one in her crib in the afternoon and the last thing you want to see is the sun. With a blackout electric roller shades, there’s no need to get up after crashing into bed. Just say “See you later” to the sun by hitting the remote that will drop the shade. Our shades can be controlled wirelessly to adapt the light or create privacy depending on the activity taking place in the room. Set a timer for predetermined nap times with the TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app. Like all IKEA shades, the electronic blackout shades are cordless for increased child safety. 

Choose blackout roller shades that roll out easily by pulling on an attached clamp that you can fasten to a clip attached to your window frame. A convenient draw rod makes it even easier to pull down the shade. Like the effect of waving a magic wand, another blackout roller shade (in blue, black or white) cascades downward to block out light when you raise the attached rod that hides the cord inside for enhanced safety. Select pleated blackout shades whose dark gray ruffles have the stylish look of accordion folds. Attaching to your window frame is easy-peasy with no drilling required. When you want to sail off into the land of slumber after a big lunch or an overnight shift, just attach it to the bottom of the window frame with the included hook and loop fastener.

While any blackout window shade will cool a room by blocking sunlight, the light gray blackout cellular shade takes things to the next level. Mountable to the wall or ceiling with material specific fasteners, a smart honeycomb structure traps air, thus keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Installing blackout shades is easy

Several types of blackout shades can be mounted within or outside the window frame, or in the ceiling. For added convenience that provides flexibility to adding your personal touch to a room, there’s no need to drill new holes if you’d like to change up your blackout window shade since the accompanying wall brackets can be used for some other types of blackout shades. While several blackout shades are offered in various widths and lengths to help find a fit for windows of any height and width, you can choose a shade whose fabric can be cut for an exact fit. Pro tip: Use fasteners suitable to the material type of your wall or ceiling. 

Care is simple: Just wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild cleaner, apply a dust cloth or use the brush attachment of a vacuum. Do not wash, tumble dry, dry clean, bleach or iron.

Measure things out before throwing (blackout) shade at the sun

Give yourself at least an additional 5¾" on each side of the window to allow blackout shades to cover the window properly and open completely. Your measurements should go from the top of the window frame to where you want your cordless blackout shades to stop. It’s good practice to add 5¾" after measuring out length. Using a curtain or rack rail? You’ll want to mount it 5¾" above the window frame.