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IVAR system

Our IVAR shelving units are old dogs that love new tricks. We’ve been developing them for more than 50 years. They’re one of our favorite customizable shelving systems because they can easily be stylish showstoppers and storage superheroes. Browse our combinations to see what IVAR can do for you!

Home office space shows one-section IVAR storage unit with foldable table, IVAR cabinet, ALEX drawer units and swivel chair.

With the modular IVAR system you can add new shelves, cabinets or a drop-down desk to upgrade your shelving as needed.

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More optionsIVAR Cabinet with doors 31 1/2x32 5/8 "

IVAR Cabinet with doors, gray-green mesh, 31 1/2x32 5/8 "

More optionsIVAR Cabinet with doors 63x11 3/4x32 5/8 "

IVAR Cabinet with doors, black mesh, 63x11 3/4x32 5/8 "

More optionsIVAR Folding table 31 1/2x11 3/4-35 7/8 "

IVAR Folding table, pine, 31 1/2x19 5/8-43 3/4 "

More optionsIVAR Shelf 33x12 "

IVAR Shelf, pine, 17x12 "IVAR Shelf, pine, 17x20 "IVAR Shelf, pine, 33x20 "

More optionsIVAR Shelf 33x20 "

IVAR Shelf, white metal, 33x12 "IVAR Shelf, white metal, 17x20 "IVAR Shelf, white metal, 17x12 "
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