OBSERVATÖR Cross-brace, galvanized, 39 "
OBSERVATÖR Cross-brace, galvanized, 39 "

Cross-brace helps keep the shelf upright and stable.

Article Number877.496.00

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Cross-brace helps keep the shelf upright and stable.For higher stability, add a cross-brace to every second section.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Steel, Galvanized
  • Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • OBSERVATÖRCross-braceArticle Number:877.496.00
    Width: ¾ "Height: ½ "Length: 40 ¼ "Weight: 7 ozPackage(s): 1

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39 3/8 "


Need this to complete yourPaulNeed this to complete your shelf perfect not bulky5
CrossbarKIMA must for the Ivar!5
worked greatSteveworked great5
Cheap and solid enough. IAARONCheap and solid enough. I did buy more than I needed of these, since you don't need them for every single connected shelf.5
Stabilizes moods and provides ongoing emotional supportsBee9Well, it is a stabilizer bar. It works as intended. Thanks for reading. Mental health is just as important as a stabilizing bar. It looks better than using old wire coat hangers, straightened and shaped into a metal rods.5
Cross bracemkwongWorks will with shelf. Secure.5
Much better than supplied braces for TORDH UnitDrQualityUsed with Tordh shelving unit in place of supplied cross braces. Because they are longer and attached together they did a much better job at stabilizing unit.5
Ikea online ordering and customer service suckKimbermonkNever got my order and IKEA customer support hangs up on you because call volume is “too high” so 2 months later I am out over $100 and 10 items.1
GoodRiddick21I bought it a month ago and I am satisfied with it. It could have been a little sturdier .4
GoodPoloHWe bought this item for my electronic components I liked5
Absolute requirement, but not called out.Mary in NYAs others have mentioned, this cross brace is not optional, but a requirement for IVAR shelving to stand up. It will collapse to the side if there is no cross brace attached. The product descriptions do not mention this and I already paid for shipping of the side pieces and IVAR shelves. Now faced with $10 additional shipping charge of $5 missing part due to poor product description. Expected better of IKEA.1
Good for non-IKEA furniture too!Victoria in IndianaI have several 30 year old teak bookcases that over time and with several moves have started to rack a bit. As 1980's Danish-sourced flatpack furniture they have some inherent rigidity issues. These cross braces were the perfect solution to inexpensively stabilize them so they are good for another 30!5
hankywitIt is required for the side unit of IVAR cabinet5
Essential, but minimalKoko The Talking ApeAs other IVAR purchasers have discovered, IVAR shelves will not stand up on their own without some kind of brace in the back. This OBSERVATÖR is about the absolute minimum you can use. You could also use a plank or piece of thin plywood, or steel cable, screw eyes and a pair of turnbuckles, or wood furring strips spanning between two uprights, mounted diagonally (not like an X, but like a K or N.) Downsides of this particular brace: - It has to be installed to the BACK of the assembled bookshelf BEFORE it is put in place against a wall. Meaning that you can't assemble the bookshelf in place, and that you may need a helper to hold the shelf up while you install the brace. Or else it will fall down. It wouldn't be hard to design one that could be installed from the front, but it might cost as much as a dollar more. - While you are installing it, the shelf uprights have to be held vertical somehow. If they are leaning to one side when you install the brace, the entire thing will lean to one side permanently (or until you remove the brace and try again.) - It isn't marked, but there is a side of the brace that is supposed to go against the wood, and a side that is not. Look at the ends. The flat side goes against the wood. Seems obvious, but I made the mistake. - These things bend quite easily in the middle, where they are thin, during transport. They could even break. If they don't break, you can bend back, though.4
Absolute necessity!FarmFamMakes your Ivar stable. Need I say more?5
Instructions and Essential?Erik1969I am glad I purchased this product along with the Ivar shelving side unit frames and shelves. If you do not have the Observator cross-brace and do not plan to mount the shelf brackets to a wall, then shelves are not able to stand freely on their own. There should be some typical photo instructions for the installation of the brackets, but I found none with the hardware that came with this essential product.3
Exactly what was needed to customize our closet!RandRMWe wanted to transform a 6'x7' closet into a more usable space, primarily for storing books and games. After pricing out custom closet systems, we hit on IKEA as a possible solution. The IVAR system allowed us to completely customize the storage so that we have wall-to-wall shelves with no wasted space. With the help of a friend with power tools (table saw, router), we cut down a number of the shelves and easily moved the plastic hardware to make shelves that were exactly the right length. The braces added a good amount of rigidity to the system.5
Simple and strong. It works!AlanP54Purchased this cross brace for use with IVAR. Lay the unit on it's side with a few shelves, square it up, then apply OBSERVATOR. You'll have no problems assembling Ivar. The Cross-brace is strong. Use the screws that are included. Haven't found anything similar that works as easy! Same now as the first ones I purchased around 1990.5
Great for non-IKEA furniture!AndrewPetreI remembered this item from an IKEA shelving assembly. We had another bookcase at home that was sagging, and this brace came to mind. Such an inexpensive and unobtrusive way to shore up other items!5
A Ton of FeaturesClovisThis is the best cross-brace ever. It comes with a ton of features like cross-bracing, etc.5

Cross-brace, galvanized39 "

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OBSERVATÖR Cross-brace, galvanized, 39 "