IVAR Corner shelf, pine, 22x22x12 "
IVAR Corner shelf, pine, 22x22x12 "
IVAR Corner shelf, pine, 22x22x12 "
IVAR Corner shelf, pine, 22x22x12 "

Since IVAR storage system is so good at what it does, it has faithfully served customers’ needs across the home for over 50 years. Attics, living rooms, pantries and bedrooms – they all love IVAR.


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IKEA of Sweden

  • Solid pine
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.Stains can be removed by using an eraser or fine sandpaper.Can be treated with oil, wax, lacquer or glazing paint for higher resistance and easy care.
  • Possible to separate for recycling or energy recovery if available in your community.By using a renewable material like wood in this product, we avoid using fossil or finite materials.We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.
  • IVARCorner shelfArticle Number:937.636.09
    Width: 22 "Height: ¾ "Length: 22 "Weight: 5 lb 9 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

22 "
22 "
11 3/4 "
Max. load: 
66 lb


IvarROBERTI love Ivar, but try to avoid having Ikea deliver it. It takes forever.4
Connectors to strongJRLR82Overall the Ivar line is my favorite and is almost like legos for grown ups with all the possible set ups. But the new metal supports are to strong when moving shelves around. Several of the metal clips broke off and or broke the support it is attached to.2
It takes 2-3 people to put this togetherAllison_0000000This is not a one person installment. Not only do you need help but the other person has to hold the other two rails (that the shelf will sit on) and there's no way to keep everything connected. This shelf is just held on with pressure (fits on to dowl pegs). This was awful to move. I had to buy those X shaped braces to give it more stability and I still need to connect the shelf rails (that the shelf sits on) together because if you drag or pick this unit up by yourself it falls apart!! I hated it! Two people have to more it in one motion! I was on the verge of screwing the nails to the wooden rail (that the shelf sits on) and my Boyfriend kept saying the wood was too thin! Dont care! I was soooo upset at this assembly. It took a week between discussing how to put it together, understanding the random instructions (some parts came with instructions) and arguing on how each of us thought it worked. Ugh. I love the corner shelf, but never again. Two Shelves broke in the process and I'm still repairing one of them. If you buy this corner shelf you have to buy the other two shelves (that flank it on the side) or else you can welcome yourself to a nightmare3
Ivar shelfPpillsbDisappointed that one of the metal rails was not even attached to the shelf and pulled away from the structure, making it wobbly and crooked. I will have to dismantle the whole thing and drive two hours to IKEA to exchange it.3
Unstable because it does not fit the corner postjmhigIt was a fairly epic process to design, purchase, mock up, sand, finish then construct the two large IVAR units that are now serving as our pantry. All of that would have been well worth the effort and expense if the corner shelves fit the corner posts. Each unit we built has a corner unit. And each one has less stability than it should because the corner shelves do not lock in to the pins like the standard shelves do. There were many issues while building these shelves where everything came crashing down. The shelves lock in to the side units very well, but they sort of just gingerly rest on the pins at the corner post. They do not lock in because the metal edging does not extend to the pins at the post. It's a serious design flaw and we hesitate to put much weight on these shelves for fear of collapse. And for all of Ikea's safety messaging about anchoring the shelves to the wall, the provided hardware is insufficient to say the least. We rigged our own safety hardware, but nonetheless the corner shelves are a liability. I would not recommend the corner shelves unless the product is redesigned. Then they would be great. Sadly I invested over $800 in materials and three full days of sanding and finishing before we discovered how bad this issue is. When I did the mock-ups I didn't build them out enough to test for stability. Sign - I'll just have to live with what we have and keep kids out of the pantry.1
Missing pinsJennifer828The shelves are great. The fact that each one only had 2 pins when it needed six was a huge pain. Check to make sure all the pieces are there before buying2
High quality!SaranikI bought four of these along with the post and two side units to make corner shelves for my bathroom. These are meant to be put on the floor as you can see from the pictures in IKEA website but I attached them to the wall. They are made of soft pine which are ready to paint or stain and easy to drill for the purpose of using stud nails for attaching to the wall.5
I love IvarRob__Ivar was an economical way for me to organize my garage. I love it.5
FragileGlenns97We have a whole wall system set up, and the corner pieces are surprisingly fragile. We had to return two to the store that were either pre-cracked or cracked when we installed them. They both split right next to the track that sits over the support pegs3
Not stableBjeans47Uneven floor made item unstable as designed. Floor model in store is anchored to wall at top and bottom. I returned this item since I did not want shelves falling on grand kids.1
Missing pinsBusymomof5Love the shelf,but on most of the ones I bought the pins were missing. Had to have the pins mailed to me, which took 10 days.4
Not easy to build, unstable.DAXXXThe Ivar system is nice in the sense that it’s configurable, but beyond that there are many shortcomings. To start with all of the parts are unboxed, so you have to dig to find undamaged pieces and then the trip home is complicated. It requires 2 people to assemble, and it’s mandatory that you attach it to a wall due to how loose and unstable it is.3
Corner monitor standKathy9266Added 5 stainless legs, and now have functional monitor stand for my corner desk, as IKEA no longer carries one. Opted to use unfinished on my natural oak desk.4
Exactly what was needed to customize our closet!RandRMWe wanted to transform a 6'x7' closet into a more usable space, primarily for storing books and games. After pricing out custom closet systems, we hit on IKEA as a possible solution. The IVAR system allowed us to completely customize the storage so that we have wall-to-wall shelves with no wasted space. With the help of a friend with power tools (table saw, router), we cut down a number of the shelves and easily moved the plastic hardware to make shelves that were exactly the right length. The corner shelves would be more difficult to modify but we used them as-is to provide the foundation for our set-up.5
JuniebeeJonesWorks great for what we need5
Great space!sckqI love this product, but the store did not have it in stock. I had to drive over an hour away to finish my pantry storage. That was after waiting 2 months for the piece to come in stock at my 2 near by stores.5
Love this unitMatuck1229Helped organize my laundry room.5
Clean, Elegant and they last foreverMama3boysI bought IVAR shelving units decades ago. They're still in service and I've used them in multiple ways. This is a shelf. Currently, we're buying it to use as a table top for my son who needs/wants a corner desk. $15 for the top. $12 for the legs... done! :D5
No InstructionsMigitosisBought this to use in pantry. There really should be something that explains the corner unit as a unit that can not stand alone. If it is not attached to Ivar shelving units on either side, it will literally fall apart. However, once the two sides are assembled, the corner unit goes in just fine and the final product feels very sturdy. Great price for real wood.3
Not sturdy, no assembly instructions includedTingga77This product DID NOT come with instructions (paper nor online) on how to assemble it together. I tried to put it together, it collapsed on me, damaging the bottom self. Thank God I wasn't injured. So I returned it. Returning it was the easy part....1

Corner shelf, pine22x22x12 "

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IVAR Corner shelf, pine, 22x22x12 "