IVAR Shelf, pine, 17x12 "
IVAR Shelf, pine, 17x12 "

Since IVAR storage system is so good at what it does, it has faithfully served customers’ needs across the home for over 50 years. Attics, living rooms, pantries and bedrooms – they all love IVAR.


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Untreated solid pine is a durable natural material that can be painted, oiled or stained according to preference.You can use the extra shelves to make room for more stuff when your storage needs change.Solid pine is a natural material which ages beautifully and gains its own unique character over time.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Solid pine
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.Stains can be removed by using an eraser or fine sandpaper.Can be treated with oil, wax, lacquer or glazing paint for higher resistance and easy care.
  • Possible to separate for recycling or energy recovery if available in your community.By using a renewable material like wood in this product, we avoid using fossil or finite materials.We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.
  • IVARShelfArticle Number:103.181.59
    Width: 11 ¾ "Height: ¾ "Length: 16 ¾ "Weight: 3 lb 0 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

16 1/2 "
11 3/4 "
3/4 "
Max. load: 
40 lb


Ivan shelving unitSusanMy pantry is perfect with these shelves5
Like the simple construction.TantekatiLike the simple construction.4
EvergreenRobertThis is a product I have been buying for decades. It is sad that the variety of products in the line has diminished so greatly. I still have keyboard drawers, ALL wood drawers and cabinets. The transition post for narrow and wide depths that I have would surely be good for many owners. But alas, they are all discontinued. With the loss of Industrial Arts classes in schools most people don't know how to make these things for themselves. I do.4
Very versatileKATINAWe have been buying this system for 18 years. It's very versatile, easy to use, and takes stains well. Highly recommend.5
Bend the clips to improve the shelfKerryVThe metal end pieces of these wooden shelves have intregrated clips to grip the metal dowels and keep the shelf from being easily bumped upward. But as others have reported, removing a shelf may loosen the shelf's metal end piece. Since I don't want the clips to grip the metal dowels anyway (making them more like my 17-year-old IVAR shelves), my solution has been to carefully bend all of the clips slightly using a tool. I used closed needle-nose pliers, but a large screwdriver may have worked. Be aware of two things. First, the metal end piece must be supported while bending the clip so that you don't cause the loosening of the end piece that you are trying to avoid. Second, with this modification, it's easier for a lightly loaded shelf to be bumped upward, and possibly have it fall out of the shelf unit. Loaded with books, the shelves here won't do that, but if the shelf unit was supporting some lightwight items in a kitchen, I might choose to leave the clips of the shelves as they are, for better shelf-unit stability.4
New Design is Awfulerink72The previous version of this shelf had plastic side bars and they held up great. I assembled and dissassbled them multiple times in my many moves & reconfigurations. This new design is awful. The metal side bars come lose and provide little to no support. I wasn't even able to get one shelf installed in a manner I deemed sturdy.1
New shelf clip design needs to be looked atUncleGlennI have a number of different sections of this shelving and have been real happy with how it assembles and looks, I read a review and they said that there was a new clip design on the shelf that was less than perfect and I would have to agree, if one is moving the shelves the rail will become unattached to the shelf. I don't move the shelf very much but this was not an improvement over the previous design2
Ivar shelves--worse than ever.renaissance2I've bought Ivar shelves from 6 Ikeas in 3 different countries. The latest changes to their shelves make them unacceptable. Ikea has replaced the plastic supports with metal (as they used to be years ago). In theory, this should be more durable. However, the metal dowels are wedged so tight in the metal supports, that, to get them out to set up the shelf, the supports become loose and fall off the wood shelf, rendering the shelf useless. This is the worst 'improvement' I've ever seen!1
Versatile workhorseBritta EFrom living room divider to garage storage, entertainment shelf to wardrobe, jam jar shelf to office furniture. I painted it, cut it, integrated parts into a vastly more expensive wall mount shelf. Refashioned it endless times and still have some pieces of my first buy about 20 years ago. Holding up great. Go for it!5
Simple and functionalOlsophWorks perfect. Easy to assemble.5

Solid wood

Solid wood makes every piece of furniture unique because it’s a natural material with beautiful, varying grain. Solid wood not only has a genuine feel but it is also durable. It will last for years to come, growing more beautiful with age. Solid wood is also a renewable, natural material.

Shelf, pine17x12 "

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IVAR Shelf, pine, 17x12 "