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Drinking glasses & glassware sets

Thirsty? We have a lot of drinking glasses to choose from, whether you fancy serving ice-cold lemonade to your guests on a hot afternoon or getting a quick drink of water from the fridge. Build your glassware by purchasing a drinking glasses set or mix it up with drinking glasses that are individually made by skilled craftspeople, so each is unique.

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Modern drinking glasses for every occasion

When it’s time to reach for a glass of juice at breakfast, refreshing iced-tea on a hot summer afternoon or a cocktail at night on your back patio, find everything you need with drinking glasses sets from IKEA. 

While experts recommend 8 eight-ounce glasses of water everyday, sometimes we need more than just a water glass. Find everything from stemless wine glasses and highball glasses to fit all your needs. There are a variety of options in drinking glasses that provide different textures that will feel good in your hand no matter what you’re drinking. 

Add a pop of color or subtle elegance to your cupboard or kitchen with a stylish drinking glass

Find etched tempered glass with elegant lines that come in beautiful turquoise, soft pink or light blue. Stemless wine glasses can be found in the same colors, as well as in plain glass. Find rocks glasses with elegant floral designs or the timeless look of mottled glass. Find glassware with the look of fine crystal with tapered bottoms and elegant etchings that trace their way upwards to flow like the lines of a well-fitted suit. IKEA has a wide range of attractive glass cup sets that are ready to stand out in any glass-faced hutch or kitchen cabinet. Find them in 4-packs, 6-packs or individually.

Frequently asked questions about glassware sets

Why buy a drinking glass set vs. a single glass?

What are your needs? Do you need an extra red wine glass after your cat pushed things over the edge because you were late coming home to feed him? Or maybe you need a wine glass set or a whole set of tumbler glasses or double old fashioned glasses for your next dinner party. From individual pieces to sets, find all your drinking glass needs with IKEA. 

Are drinking glasses recyclable?

Yes, IKEA glassware is recyclable. 

How to store drinking glasses

In kitchen cabinets and shelving, as well as in closed or glass-faced hutches.