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Bar & cocktail glasses

There’s nothing better than enjoying a chilled drink with a twist of lime in exactly the right type of classic cocktail glass. Or maybe a beer glass with condensation running down the outside is what can’t be beat after a busy day. Find a range of affordable bar and cocktail glasses in different sizes and styles to match your preferred drink. Whether you need a martini glass or a daiquiri glass, IKEA has you covered.

Bar glasses for whatever your drink of choice is

Whatever the occasion, find cocktail glasses, beer glasses & liquor glasses in elegant designs that help you express your sense of style and serve the perfect drink.

Martini glasses

Stirred or shaken, dirty or dry, however you take your martini—or your Cosmo or Negroni—find elegant up glasses with the traditional look of crystal. IKEA martini glasses are made with crystalline, a lead-free and strong alternative with a clear brilliance and a fine tone when you clink your glasses. They’re produced in a way similar to handmade glasses, which means that the stem of the glass is smooth and has no seam.

Whiskey glasses

Let your guests and yourself enjoy a glass with a weight, shape and patterned glass texture that is perfect for relishing every sip poured from a bottle of fine whiskey. The glass’s elegance will complement that of modern Nordic décor elements such as leather chairs, refined wood flooring and low pile natural fiber floor rugs in any den, dining room or study. The shape and height of this 10 oz. whiskey glass makes it pleasant to hold and helps enhance the experience by bringing subtle aromas to your nose while giving you room to swirl. Whether you take it neat, wish to add drops of water or a stunning giant cube from a silicone rubber ice cube tray is up to you. Also the perfect rocks glass for whiskey sours, old fashioneds and whiskey Negronis.

Margarita glasses

Stud the outside of the rim with salt or sugar and enjoy a delicious tequila or smoky mezcal margarita in elegant glass stemware that helps to keep drinks cool. These dishwasher safe margarita glasses rise from the stem to a short, narrow bowl before widening out to a large, wider bowl which is great for holding lots of ice or whatever type of frozen margarita you’d like to make.

Cocktail glasses

Find gorgeous 10 oz. champagne coupe glasses that are perfect for a champagne toast on New Year’s Eve, or after your next black tie or t-shirt dinner party. Go with 2 oz. snaps glasses to serve digestives such as chilled Amari after a hearty, multi-course dinner party. Serve chilled mixed drinks such as gimlets in goblet glasses.

Beer glasses

For that cold beer after a long day, reach for a 20 oz. frosted beer mug with a tapered shape that gives a good head of foam while the generous size helps the beer's aromas and flavors to develop better. Or choose a 17 oz. beer glass with curves suited to the perfect pour of a stout or lager. Choose a tulip beer glass to bring the aromas of sours or Belgian style farmhouse ales to your nose. And clean-ups are easy after having friends over since all IKEA beer glasses are dishwasher safe.

Enhance your speciality glasses with goblets

Find elegant goblet glasses that help you go beyond alcoholic drinks in more ways than one. While goblets are great for showcasing creative mocktails featuring fruit infused teas or strained fresh fruit juices, they’re equally attractive as stunning platforms for yogurt parfaits with granola and strawberries at breakfast or desserts such as olive oil cake with candied orange and crème fraiche. Choose 9 or 10 oz. goblet glasses on short stems in tempered glass with patterned line etchings or in heat resistant plain glass. Need something else to enjoy your drink of choice? Find everything from shakers, straws and ice buckets to wine openers with drink accessories from IKEA.

Frequently asked questions about cocktail glasses

How to properly clean a martini glass?

While some martini glasses are delicate and should be washed by hand, IKEA martini glasses have greater strength through their crystalline material. That said, make sure the wide top can fit comfortably in your dishwasher when placed in upside down.

How to clean and store whiskey glasses?

Decorative IKEA whiskey glasses studded with stunning diamond-shaped glass patterns are dishwasher-safe. They’re also meant to be put on display in glass or open dining room hutches or kitchen cabinets