VARDAGEN Glass, clear glass, 15 oz
VARDAGEN Glass, clear glass, 15 oz
VARDAGEN Glass, clear glass, 15 oz

Life’s a party, but most days are pretty ordinary. Make the most of them by serving delicious beverages in this simple, timeless glassware. Like it? There’s a whole series with the same name.

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Also suitable for hot drinks.The glass has a simple, tall and straight shape which makes it perfect for all types of cold drinks, such as carbonated cocktails with a lot of ice.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Tempered glass should be handled with care! A damaged edge or a scratched surface can cause the glass to break suddenly.Designer


  • Tempered glass
  • No cadmium or lead added.The material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • VARDAGENGlassArticle Number:703.131.06
    Width: 8 "Height: 3 ¾ "Length: 11 "Weight: 4 lb 11 ozPackage(s): 1

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5 "
15 oz
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6 pack


Very good!NoraLove them!5
Great value!LJoAnneJust love these glasses!5
Great setKierstenNice sized cups, perfect amount. They look great and they don’t feel super thin or fragile. If you need them for kids you might want to size down.5
Excellent and I am veryMARSHAExcellent and I am very pleased with this item.5
GlassedDianaAesthetically pleasing and easy to handle.5
Well madeRANDALNeeded more glasses5
Perfect sizeBrendaI have always gotten my glasses from IKEA, the quality and price can’t be beat. I was ready for and upgrade in glassware so I turned to my favorite place IKEA.5
Great quality for a greatShandaGreat quality for a great price. Love the way these feel in my hand.5
Great size for juice or little handsTaraWe love these! They work great for small guests without the worry of easily breaking. Sturdy and well balanced.5
Great but scratchERIKAI love the because they are stackable and I have limited cupboard space. But the glasses all have small etched lines inside them from the stacking.4
Great deal!danaltjWorth the price and a sturdy glass. We like that the top is wider, makes it easier to drink from. We also got the smaller version of this as well.5
MY FAVORITE GLASSESMamaNeeThese are my favorite drinking glasses ever. We have them in 15 oz for us and 7 oz for our toddler. The ribbing feels wonderful in your hand, the thickness of the glass is perfect- not so think it feels breakable and not so thick that it feels awkward in your mouth. And so affordable. A real IKEA winner.5
They breakJoyThompsonI bought five sets, 3 large and 2 small, in fall of 2019. As of June 2020 four of the large glasses have broken. The top severs off from the bottom. This last time lots of little sharp pieces of glass occurred also. They break at strange times, we never dropped any. One was set by the sink at night and the next day it broke as I picked it up. One was out in the dishwasher overnight and was broken when I opened it the next morning. (The dishwasher had not been run.)1
Simple everyday drinking glassProv31Simple everyday glass, good value for the money.5
Hold up to daily useKatie5065This is the second set I have purchased. They hold up to a busy kid filled household and daily use. In addition they wash up nice with dishwasher and are easy to wash by hand as well (not too narrow). The lines along the side allow for better grip and less slipping when using or washing.5
Great feel in your handTrekker 2200Was waiting for a chance to get to IKEA to get more of these5
Bad DesignTerrifiedWe purchased these as replacements for ptior Ikea glasses thar we have used for years expecting these to last/perform just as well. Alas not these. They look good and are easy to hold. However the problem lies in the fact that they are not tapered at the right angle and thus do not nest correctly. As a result, when nested inside each other, the very bottom of the upper glass contacts the middle of the lower glass. Whats the problem you ask? Well after washing you must allow them to COMPLETELY cool before nesting! If they are even slightly warm to the touch when nested, when they cool the bottom glass will form a Hurculean grip on the upper glass and you will not be able to pull them apart! If this happens, just throw them away now before you get hurt! I found a pair fastened to each other like this and i wiggled and jiggled and finally succeeded in separating them. I examined them closely and the appeared fine. So i proceeded to poor room temperature water into one of the glasses. I carried it upstairs and sat it on my computer desk. After about 5 minutes i heard this strange tink sound and i looked over in time to watch the upper half of my glass completely sever from the bottom half and fall over, releasing a full glass of water all over my desk and under my laptop and mouse and the dripping all over the electrical cords under my desk!! Apparently the stress from the glass cooling those last 5 or 10 degrees around the upper glass bottom was enough to weeken the glass and with the slight temperature variation of the water it cracked all the way around the glass! At first i thought this was a complete fluke but we have had two others become fastened to each other in the cupboard and i am deathly afraid of them. Stay away from these and keep looking.1
Excellent Drinking GlassesrjwpsaThese fit neatly inside one another so they can be stacked in our small kitchen. They look good, too, and were certainly inexpensive enough.5
Very Nice!BrufacionI bought this 6 glasses for my new house and I'm very happy!!5
One was broken, but they are glass so...Buyer hereOne was broken in the package, I was disappointed because I thought I had checked them but I realized I checked a different set of glasses and changed my mind to these. I like the ribbing on the glass, I'm hoping my kids will break fewer of these!3
VARDAGEN Glass, clear glass, 15 oz

Designing for the tastes of people around the world

Do you sometimes cook dishes from other cultures? Then you’re part of an international trend called transculturalism. It basically means that global cooking and eating habits are a lot more similar than you may think. How can we cater for this trend? We designed the VARDAGEN series with products that can be used in multiple ways. In Swedish, VARDAGEN means “every day”, which is just how the products are meant to be used, no matter where you live.

“Consumers have access to cultural diversity in cooking and eating from all over the world,” explains Ina Tidbeck Sjöblom, who helped create the products. “They want to taste the best of all cultures, which means that it’s not only in Asia that we need eating products for sushi.”

Creating products for all our differences (and similarities)

The VARDAGEN products are designed to turn differences into similarities. Like the eggcup. “We did it in a shape that it’s more like a very small dip bowl,” explains Ina. “So it’s also for Asian eating, you know the bowl where you put chili paste and other condiments.” Another bowl has just the right size and shape to be a rice bowl in Asia, but it can also be used as a side-salad or cereal bowl.

Answering the global demand for durability

VARDAGEN is uniquely suited to the global market—catering to the different needs of eaters. One thing people all over the world seem to agree on is the importance of durability. “We know from all the studies and research we do that people don’t want to buy and throw away things, they want to buy something that lasts,” says Ina. That’s why VARDAGEN is made from durable and sustainable materials, like glass, porcelain and stainless steel. That means, just like the name VARDAGEN suggests, they’ll be useful every day for many days to come.

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Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

”We designed VARDAGEN tableware and glassware because we wanted to make timeless, traditional and lasting items for your home. Inspired by old-fashioned craftsmanship, we gave every piece a distinct function. Attention to detail and soft, round shapes make a beautiful frame for the food and drink on the table. Simplicity and honesty are the words we use to describe the products. Each part of the series has a soul of its own, that brings back memories and creates new ones!”

Designers Henrik Preutz, Wiebke Braasch, Ola Wihlborg and Nike Karlsson about VARDAGEN
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VARDAGEN Glass, clear glass, 15 oz


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