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Wine & champagne glasses

Do you prefer a full-bodied red wine with a depth of jammy fruit, leather and wood? Or a crisp, dry white wine? Or maybe some vibrant bubbly? Whatever your favorite, you'll find dishwasher-safe wine glasses and champagne glasses in a range of shapes and styles here to help you enjoy them.

Sip in style with the right wine glasses

Celebrate any occasion in style with white wine glasses and red wine glasses ready to complement any modern Nordic décor scheme. Find them and standard wine glasses in affordable 4 or 6 packs and in a variety of sizes, from 10,11,14,15, 20 and 23 oz. Choose big wine glasses for bold reds that you want to freely swirl in between letting them breathe.

Smaller wine glasses can work for wine tastings with friends or when you’re doing wine pairings with many courses at your next dinner party. 

Find patterned wine glasses with the timeless expression of crystal. Or choose glass or crystalline wine glass sets. Crystalline is a strong alternative with a clear brilliance and a fine tone when you clink your glasses. 

Champagne glasses for every occasion

Here’s to champagne flutes or champagne coupes in a variety of styles and sizes to celebrate any big accomplishment, toast marriages or birthdays or ring in the New Year. 

Find champagne flutes in 7 oz. that are perfect for prosecco or any sparkling wine. The elongated necks of flute glasses are great for bubble watching with especially effervescent sparkling wines. Serve a French 75 or any champagne cocktail in champagne coupes, including those with patterned glass that has the timeless look of crystal, or in one with light brown glass with elegant lines and a low bowl that is perfect for a fancy dinner party. Pair them with wooden tables or leather couches in any home featuring Scandi modern décor style.

Frequently asked questions about wine and champagne glasses

What is the difference between a white wine and red wine glass?

Red wine glasses feature a wide a wide bowl to help open up the often more complex aromas and flavors of red wines through swirling or aeration. While white wines may not have as much depth as complex red wines, the smaller, narrower bowls of white wine glasses help to bring subtle aromatics of white wines to one’s nose.

How do you properly clean a champagne glass?

Let your dishwasher handle that for you since all IKEA champagne glasses are dishwasher safe.

How should I store my wine and champagne glasses?

Put your elegant wine glasses and champagnes glasses from IKEA on display in open-faced or glass kitchen racks that fit under shelving or cabinets