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Drinking accessories & straws

Sometimes little things can make all the difference. What would a hot summer's day be without the proper drinking accessories? Find what you need to enjoy some ice cold beverages, including everything from drinking straws to cocktail shakers and ice cube trays. Get ready for the party today!

Save the turtles with reusable drinking straws 

In keeping with a commitment to sustainability, find IKEA drinking straws made with renewable materials that can replace single use straws. They’re great for sipping lemonade and as drink stirrers. Choose reusable bamboo drinking straws or stainless steel straws with silicone rubber tops in a variety of fun colors. Either type of straw is easy to clean with included wire brush cleaners. Another recyclable straw option is paper straws. They’re made of three layers of uncoated paper that are rolled tightly to maintain their shape while you enjoy a refreshing drink in the sun. 

Take care of our environment and give plastic a pass with IKEA drinking straws.

Make your next gathering fun with shaped ice cubes

Find synthetic rubber ice cube trays in fun colors that take the uh-oh out of ice cubes. With easy-to-use rubber ice cube trays, you can smoothly and confidently pop out cubes without worrying about launching them at guests. And you can make ice cubes in fun animal shapes for your kids’ juice drinks or shaped like a stirring straw or heart for romantic drinks together in the evening. There are even large ice cube trays to make dazzling cubes for your whiskey glass or dessert pops for the kids. Need more drinking accessories ahead of your next cocktail party? Find affordable wine openers, cocktail shakers, bar sets and ice buckets with IKEA.

Frequently asked questions about drinking accessories

How to use a wine opener

Secure the tip of the corkscrew into the cork, hold firmly against the bottle, and turn at the top, so the corkscrew goes straight down the middle. A wing style corkscrew has arms that will extend outwards when you turn. Other types of corkscrews grip the bottle as you turn.

How to clean drinking straws

Cleaning IKEA reusable straws is easy with the accompanying stainless steel and coir cleaning brushes. Just air dry before storing away. What’s coir, you ask? It’s made from the husks of coconuts and is just another example of IKEA’s dedication to using sustainable materials