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String lights

The best at hanging out

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to add a touch of lighting magic to your balcony, string lights are what stands between ‘nice’ and ‘oooooh’ when it’s about decorating your home. Find the style you’re looking for and get ready for some cozy time.

In a garden, a beige SOLVINDEN LED lighting chain with 12 lights is hanging from a decorating rod placed over a set-up table.
A SOLVINDEN LED light chain and white SOLVINDEN LED pendant lamps hang from tree branches in a lush summer garden.
An outdoor space at dusk with a lit UTSUND LED lighting chain with 12 lights and a tree in the background.
A dining table with an ENRUM lantern and a bottle, placed on a balcony next to a SOLVINDEN LED lighting chain with 12 lights.
A table with a patterned tablecloth and tableware is placed in a garden under a SOLVINDEN LED lighting chain with 12 lights.

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More optionsSOLVINDEN LED string light with 12 lights

SOLVINDEN LED string light with 12 lights, outdoor battery operated/yellow wavesSOLVINDEN LED string light with 12 lights, outdoor/battery operated yellow

More optionsLEDFYR LED string light with 12 lights

LEDFYR LED string light with 24 lights, indoor silver color

More optionsBLÖTSNÖ LED string light with 24 lights

BLÖTSNÖ LED string light with 12 lights, indoor/battery operated black

More optionsSOLVINDEN LED string light with 12 lights

SOLVINDEN LED string light with 12 lights, battery operated/white
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Can you imagine a party without string lights? Whether you're throwing a relaxed outdoor get-together or a wild summer celebration, string lights are the perfect solution to create a fun and inviting atmosphere. Regardless of the type of event you are organizing, decorative lights have the power to elevate any occasion into a memorable event.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, decorative lighting is a small yet game-changing detail that can truly transform a space. To ensure the color and style chosen are a good fit, it is important to consider the size and purpose of the space you wish to decorate.

Outdoor string lights

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, decorative lighting can effortlessly complement any setting and it is a lovely way to glam up your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor string lights truly come alive in areas abundant with plants and trees, creating a striking visual connection between the outdoor furniture and the nature that surrounds it. 

If you are not sure string lights are the right choice, you can also decorate your outdoor space with outdoor lanterns and LED candles.

Indoor string lights

Elevate the ambiance of every room in your home with indoor string lights, creating a distinct and captivating atmosphere.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of enchantment to your living room or bedroom, string lights can completely transform your space, no matter how big or small. With a range of colors and shapes available, these lights offer more than just illumination, they enhance the aesthetics of your home, making every moment a photogenic and unforgettable experience.

Not to mention, the hanging string lights make for the perfect photo backdrop. Your followers will appreciate the visual delight.

How to hang outdoor string lights

Begin by finding the exact location where you want each strand of light to hang and adjust them accordingly. Next, connect the string lights to a power source, ensuring that the plug is near an electrical outlet. If your cord is too short, make sure to keep an outdoor extension cord handy so you do not have to worry about the distance between the power source and the cord.

To add a smart touch to your lighting arrangement, consider installing a light sensor that will automatically switch the lights on and off when motion is detected.

How to hang string lights on fences

To hang the lights from a fence, start by drilling a pilot hole and attaching a screw hook to the wall. Once secured, drape the lights in the desired pattern, running their wire over the hooks.

Take a look at our lighting solutions and create a enchanting atmosphere for any event hanging a sparkling set of string lights on trees, walls, or shelves.