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FÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind, beige, 30x61 "

FÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind, beige,

Price $ 15.99
RIKTIG draw rod is sold separately.
Product features
FÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind, beige, 30x61 "
FÖNSTERBLAD Black-out roller blind, white, 30x61 "

How to get it

A silent and smooth-functioning roller-blind in soft polyester that effectively blocks out all light. You won’t tire easily of the playful yet discreet circle pattern that is visible only from certain angles.

Article Number005.387.03

Product details

Block-out blinds blocks light from shining through and completely darkens your room.

Can be cut to desired width.

The blind can be cut and re-cut to fit a smaller window. Ensure that you do not exceed maximum cut length.

It is easy to pre-set the drop-length of the blind. Simply remove from brackets, pull down to desired length and re-mount in brackets. When you release the blind, it will drop to the pre-set length.

Pulls up and down silently thanks to the clever design of the damper inside the roller blind.

The blind is cordless for increased child safety.

The beige circle pattern on the beige fabric is visible only from certain angles. It is interesting yet discreet so you won’t tired of it.

No need to change fittings or drill new holes if you change your blinds. The included wall/ceiling brackets are suitable for LÅNGDANS and SANDVEDEL roller blinds and FÖNSTERBLAD block-out roller blind.


Henrik Preutz

  • The 61" drop length is ideal for windows with a sill or when you want to avoid covering radiators or furniture.

    The fabric and the color are UV-resistant.

    The top rail can be cut max. 7⅞ in.

    If you need to adapt the dimensions of the roller blind to your window, cut the top and bottom rails with a metal saw and cut the fabric with a safety knife.

    To ensure proper function when cutting the blind to fit a smaller window, do not exceed the max. cut length stated in the product information/assembly instructions. Save documents for future reference.

    The roller blind can be mounted in- or outside the window recess.

    Different wall/ceiling materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the wall/ceiling in your home (not included).

    Wall fittings included.

    RIKTIG draw rod is sold separately.

  • Material
    100 % polyester (100% recycled)
    100 % Polyethylene plastic
    Bottom rail:
    PET plastic, Polystyrene

    Do not wash.

    Do not bleach.

    Do not tumble dry.

    Do not iron.

    Do not dry clean.

    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.


Width of fabric: 28 ½ "

Width of roller: 30 "

Length: 61 "

Area: 12.16 sq feet

  • FÖNSTERBLADArticle Number005.387.03

    Width: 1 ¾ "

    Height: 1 ¾ "

    Length: 32 ¼ "

    Weight: 1 lb 8 oz

    Package(s): 1


Easy to install.PatriciaThe shades are very easy to install. They are very attractive. The shades pull down easily and retract with very little pressure placed on the shade tab.5
Great blindStefanieWorks great looks great and keeps out the sun!5
These are inspired!KathyLook over the directions first. Everything you need is there. A template to insure the proper distance is in the box. You do need to provide your own screws. There is an explanation, wall types vary so bring your own. Easy enough to put up the brackets. We chose outside mount. Place the shade in the bracket and pull it down. You'll notice it begins to raise itself. Hold the bottom of the shade still and remove from the bracket. This is easier with two sets of hands. Roll it up and put it back in. Now when you lower the shade it will stay where you leave it. When you want it to raise just give a little tug and let go. It will raise itself slowly to the top. So much better than your typical spring loaded shade. Those are not reliable. We have four more to install. You may want to let folks in your home know how they work, so they don't expect the quick "spring" up when you pull on them. Thanks Ikea! Shades that are nicely patterned and work well :)5
Buy a shorter widthJaphanieI bought the 34 inch width for a 35 inch wide window so I wouldn't have to cut. However, to my surprise, the 34 inch box has a 36 inch wide shade. So, I have to cut it down anyway, which complicated and lengthened the install process. I would buy again, but I'd buy a narrower width for an easier install.3
It doesn´t roll out all the wayBonnieIt rolls out only in increments. You have to pull it several times for it to be fully rolled out. Not practical. It might be a defect on mine.2
I love how easy it was to set up.ErikaEasy set up and looks perfect5
Manual Paper ShadeAngelaNot a great product. It is made of paper and it is a manual shade. You have to roll it up by hand. Expensive too for what it is.1
EffectiveSallyInstalled this to block out bright sun (and heat) from kitchen window. It is very effective. Blocks light and has definitely helped keep the heat out. Didn't like pattern on blind, but it's very subtle and not noticeable. Great price for a black out blind. Installation template assists to make it easy to install.5
instructions don't even tell you what you need from the hardware storeAlexanderMost useless instructional packet I have ever seen in my life.1
I liked itVictorIt cover the sun, make the day to night5
Great product. Looking for a smaller oneTatianaThese roller shades are great however I have a window that is 20” width. I was wondering if Ikea allows me to customize the size.4
This blind is great thereIssaThis blind is great there is mi imal light from the sides5
FonsterbladRuthFor the price,they are awesome. They give our house a cozy feel.5
To short could be longerDebraTo short could be longer5
it worksCliveoperated just fine.4
A bit disappointedLindaWe bought 4 of these shades. 3 work beautifully but the other one will not roll up after pulling it down the first night. We tried fixing it according to instructions we found online. I would like to return it because I love the others!3
quality and affordable, but itNorahquality and affordable, but it was not suitable for us. So we had to return it.5
They work perfectly. Very easyJaniceThey work perfectly. Very easy install!5
great valueShannonReally nice shades especially for the price.5
Good, cheap, imperfect alternativeBatrek Y.These are a good alternative to the more expensive (3x the price of these!) blackout shades ikea offers. They basically work the same and pull up the same way as the more expensive blinds but the only big downside and why they get 3/5 is because of the hourglass shape they create when pulled down. For blackout, they are imperfect because the middle of the shade bends in creating an hourglass shape that lets light seep in from the sides. These are still fantastic for the price though, just not perfect, but they do the job so I recommend if you’re buying on a budget3

Function solution

Block-out fabric

The block-out fabric effectively blocks out all light. Perfect for people who are sensitive to light during sleep, anytime of the day. It prevents glare on TV’s and digital screens. It offers complete privacy at all hours since people outside cannot see in, even when the room is lit.