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Traditional home decor & design

Classic style meets romantic elegance! Decorating traditional brings comfort to any space, while providing an inviting and nostalgic environment with classic furniture and decorative items brought into the modern era. Explore affordable home furnishing accessories and traditional decor ideas for every space in your home. 

How to bring traditional style into your home

The key to traditional style is to create a space that is comfortable and elegant. Every space should be arranged around a central focal point with seating and accompanying furniture meant to promote togetherness and invite conversation.   

Neutral colors in rich deep tones and a mix of textiles in a variety of small-scale floral, gingham or stripe patterns are the cornerstones of traditional decor. Comfy textiles should be made from cotton, linen and wool. Adding personal touches to shelving or other areas with pressed glassware, porcelain vases or other stoneware is a great way to capture that traditional elegance in the smallest of spaces.  

Striking that balance between elegance and comfort is how you can bring the beauty and sophistication of traditional design to life in your home.