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Make room for what really matters

Peace of mind is hard to find when there's a bunch of clutter in your way. That's not an old proverb. It's just... true. Whether you're simply getting started, making a real dent in your clutter, or affordably transforming your space, welcome the season of a more organized, less stressed you. 

It’s time for some good, cleaning fun. 

Friends. Family. Fellow augmented reality enthusiasts. We’re beyond excited to announce the launch of Escape the Clutter, our brand-new, first-of-its-kind, crazy-fun-but-also-fairly challenging augmented reality escape room on Snapchat.

Like all escape rooms, we provide the clues but you have to find the keys to escape. And by keys, we mean the right IKEA organization solutions to help clean the clutter. All you need is Snapchat, a clean, open surface, and a cleared up schedule to get glued to this game. So, what are you waiting for? Instructions?

Oh, right. First, make sure you have Snapchat downloaded on your device. Then, simply scan the Snapcode or click the button below, and you’ll be furnishing your way to freedom before you can say, “Thanks, IKEA, for the gift of organization!” Aw, you’re welcome.

Escape the Clutter IRL

We partnered with Buzzfeed to bring our "Escape the Clutter" Snapchat Lens into the real world. Together, we created a physical escape room and invited prominent Buzzfeed creators Curly, Ify, and Meghan to try and escape. Can the three creators work their way through timed challenges featuring IKEA storage and organizationsolutions? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. 

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