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TROFAST grows up!

After 25 years, our new TROFAST range has grown to provide great flexible storage solutions that adapt to the needs of all ages. Organise your big and small items cleverly and creatively today!

A TROFAST mesh storage box filled with toys is placed on the floor.
TROFAST mesh storage boxes in grey are stowed in TROFAST frames in a teenager's room.
In a girl's bedroom, a TROFAST shelf with TROFAST meshed boxes is on the floor. Above it is another TROFAST frame secured to the wall, and TROFAST meshed boxes are in it.
A boy sits on the TROFAST shelf and organises his books in a pink TROFAST plastic box.
A collage of TROFAST storage boxes in TROFAST frames.

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How to shop TROFAST

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Step 1 : Choose your TROFAST frames
Step 2 : Choose your TROFAST boxes & lids
Step 3 : Explore TROFAST toy storage combinations

TROFAST wall solutions

TROFAST frames are mounted onto a blue wall. While most of the slots are filled with TROFAST boxes, two of the spaces are used for stacking books.
The TROFAST boxes are neatly placed in a TROFAST frame. On top of the TROFAST frame is a very big SKÅDIS pegboard with many other assortments.

TROFAST sitting solutions

A TROFAST frame is used as a sitting area, with cushions placed on top of it. The frame is filled with TROFAST boxes with miscellaneous items.
A long row of TROFAST frames filled with TROFAST boxes in a nursery room setting.

TROFAST small solutions

In a young girl's bedroom, TROFAST boxes of various sizes in white, pink and yellow are neatly stacked in a TROFAST frame.
TROFAST boxes in pink and yellow are stacked vertically upwards on a TROFAST frame in a playroom.

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