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5 ideas for working or studying at home

1. A worktable with a view

If you don't have much space for a home office, you can use a narrower laptop table, for example. Put it in front of a window and take inspiration from natural daylight. When it's dark, finish off the lighting with a table lamp.

As this table has castors, you can always move it to wherever is most convenient. And, it's stylish enough to look good anywhere, so you can turn it into an elegant sideboard later, in any room of the house.

2. Wall storage

If you don't have much room on your desk, use the SKADIS pegboard for extra storage on the wall and choose the storage accessories available for what you need so that the little things are always at hand.

3. Little hiding places

Drawer units are a solution that don't take up much space and, if they're on castors, you can move them to different parts of your home. Then, when you've finished your work, everything can be put away out of sight.

Apart from drawer units, you can also use a side-table trolley and, when you don't need a home office anymore, you can use it for something else.

4. Working from the sofa

If you'd prefer to have a workstation on your sofa, you can choose a side table that fits into your sofa. So you can work comfortably. When you don't need it anymore, you can use it when you're watching a film or for a light snack in the living room.

5. Accessories

Laptop accessories are excellent allies when you need to have a meeting or send an email from your sofa. They're light and easy to move to any part of your home. And to store them, you can use a hook or wall hanger and hang them by the handle. Then, when you're not using them, they won't get in the way.