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IKEA alerts customers to ensure use of locking fittings at all times on SUNDVIK changing table/chest



IKEA urges all customers that have a SUNDVIK changing table/chest, to secure the folding part with the safety locking fittings provided in the product package. If lost or misplaced, please contact IKEA to receive new ones free of charge. The receipt is not required.

IKEA has seen that customers tend to use the product as a foldable changing table on a daily basis. Although they are not using the safety locking fittings, according to instructions.

IKEA has received three reports of incidents where the foldable part of the SUNDVIK changing table/chest has come loose and children have fallen off the changing table. In the incidents the safety locking fittings were not used according to instruction.

Safety is always a priority for IKEA and our customers are urged to follow the recommended assembly instructions.

For more Information, please contact us.