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Top questions

Where can I collect my order?

​When shopping online or by phone, you can choose the location for collection that is most convenient to you: at one of our IKEA stores or at a collection point, available throughout the country. ​See here the location most convenient for collecting your order. ​

How do I check stock availability?​

You can check the stock availability for each product by checking the stock information in a product page.​ Please see here for more info on stock availability. Stock availability varies in-store and online. While we give our best efforts to fulfill all orders, IKEA cannot guarantee the availability of any particular product on any registry.​

Does IKEA products have guarantee?

​All products marketed by IKEA have a valid guarantee for the legal period of three (3) years from the date of delivery of the product. ​In some products, we voluntarily provide a free guarantee for a period longer than the legal one – the IKEA quality guarantee. Learn more about our guarantees.​ The guarantee of your product begins the same day of purchase. To execute the guarantee right, the purchase receipt is essential.​

What is the price to transport the products to my home?

​When you shop online, you can check the cost of delivery before you complete the purchase, when you enter the zip code.​ This value is calculated according to the value of the products to be transported and the area of the country to which it is intended. Learn more about our delivery service.​