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Online shopping

Are the online prices the same as in the stores?

​All our prices are the same, both in our stores and online.​ Occasionally, local promotions may mean that some prices vary between stores.

​Where can I collect my order?​

When shopping online or by phone, you can choose the location for collection that is most convenient to you: at one of our IKEA stores or at a collection point, available throughout the country. ​See here the location that could be most convenient to collect your order. 

How can I track my order?​

You can track the status of your order on our website.​ You can follow the status of your order here, so you just need to have your order number available (10-digit number you find on the sales order sheet) and the email address, or phone number, that you associated to your order.​ If it is an order with delivery via CTT, you can check here its status, after receiving the shipping code of your order by email or SMS.

How do I cancel my order online?​

Through our website you can request the cancellation of your order online.​ If you want to cancel your order, check if you can do it automatically through our manage your order page. All you need is your order number and email address. ​If this is not possible, please contact us via chat or phone here. We will do everything in our​power to help you, according to the order status.