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IKEA Family

How can I become an IKEA Family member?

You can join IKEA Family here or via the IKEA app. Membership is free and you can start using your card and taking advantage of its offers immediately.

If you are a business customer, please join our IKEA for Business program.

What are IKEA Family reward keys?

Reward keys are a new benefit that we have added to IKEA Family in order to improve our loyalty program. The concept is based on helping customers bring their ideas to life throughout the journey of dreaming, planning, and implementing their home furnishing projects.

How can I participate in reward keys from IKEA Family?

Anyone registered in the IKEA Family program, with an active profile registered on, will automatically have access to this new benefit unless they cancel their IKEA Family membership. If you choose to cancel your membership, you will also lose access to other IKEA Family benefits, including member discounts.

In the event your IKEA Family card (physical or digital) is not linked to an active account registered in our website, it will not be possible to collect reward keys and enjoy your rewards. To check if your IKEA Family card is active, visit the webpage and log in to your IKEA Family member area. In case of an inactive account or if you are member from other IKEA country, proceed with a new IKEA Family registration.

If you are an IKEA Family member and have a business part of the IKEA Business program, when making a purchase you must choose one of the benefit programs, as you cannot benefit from both programs at the same time. 

How do IKEA Family reward keys work?

By identifying your IKEA Family card in purchases and in some interactions within IKEA, you will be collecting reward keys. After getting the necessary number of keys, you will be able to redeem your favorite reward. You can accumulate reward keys by: creating a wish list, logging into your IKEA Family account, using our online 3D kitchen planner or participating in a planning consultation with our coworkers and interior designers. The more reward keys you have, the more rewards you will unlock.

What rewards can I have? 

We have different rewards available so you can choose the one that best suits your needs: 

  • Offer or discount on a delivery or collection service (online or by phone purchases only)

€4 voucher on delivery via CTT (60 keys)
Free click and collect at the IKEA store (50 keys)
€25 voucher in click and collect at a collection point (250 keys)
€29 voucher for delivery at the sidewalk (290 keys)
€39 voucher for home delivery (390 keys)
€15 voucher for the collection and removal of old furniture (150 keys)

  • Full meal or cake and hot drink offer (at the store restaurant)

Cake and hot drink for one (45 keys)
Cake and hot drink for two (90 keys)
Full meal for one (150 keys)
Full meal for two (300 keys)

  • Voucher for IKEA products (online, in-store for cash and carry purchases or by phone)

€10 voucher for IKEA products on purchases from €50*
€15 voucher worth of IKEA products on purchases from €75*

* Except for services, restaurant, bistro, gift card and buy back and resell products.

Log in to your IKEA Family profile page and learn more about how to redeem each one of these rewards.

How do I accumulate reward keys?

Online, through the app, in-store, or even by phone, you can collect reward keys in a number of ways.

1. When making a purchase*:

Purchase up to €30: 2 keys
Purchase between €30.01 and €60: 6 keys
Purchase between €60.01 and €120: 16 keys
Purchase between €120.01 and €250: 33 keys
Purchase between €250.01 and €500: 67 keys
Purchase between €500.01 and €1000: 135 keys
Purchase between €1000.01 and €2000: 270 keys
Purchase between €2000.01 and €4000: 540 keys
Purchase over €4001: 1080 keys

*In the case of purchases with delivery service, you will collect reward keys 48 hours after the order is fully delivered. Purchases paid with a gift card, with IKEA Business or payments made within an after sales process, are not eligible to collect reward keys.

2. When interacting with IKEA tools and services**:

Log in to your IKEA Family account on or the IKEA app: 1 key
Create and save a wish list on or in the IKEA app and add at least one product: 2 keys
Using and saving a design in the online 3D kitchen planner available in our website: 5 keys (you must accept the cookies before starting a plan)
Book online and attend a planning session in-store or remotely: 25 keys (you must be logged into book and collect keys)

**You can accumulate reward keys a maximum of once a week for each type of interaction. Reward keys can take up to 48 hours to be added to your reward keys balance.

How can I see how many reward keys I have collected on my IKEA Family card?

You can see your reward key balance by logging into your IKEA profile at website or in the IKEA app. Although, to do so, you must have an active IKEA Family card registered online. If your IKEA Family card is not registered online or is inactive for more than 3 years, you must create a new IKEA Family profile in our website or app, to start collecting reward keys.

When do reward keys appear on my balance?

Reward keys can take up to 48 hours to appear on your profile after completing a purchase or interaction. In the case of an online purchase, the keys will only be counted when the delivery of the order is completed. You can view your reward key balance on your IKEA Family profile by logging into or the IKEA app. If your order is fully delivered, and 48 hours have passed, please confirm if the IKEA Family card used in the purchase matches with the one in your IKEA Family profile.

Do reward keys and rewards expire?

Reward keys are valid for 18 months. The chosen rewards are valid for 30 days.

How many rewards can I use on the same purchase?

Each reward code is unique and can only be used once. Online purchases and through the IKEA app, only one reward code can be used per purchase. In the store or by phone sales, several different reward codes can be used in the same purchase, as long as they are different rewards (e.g., you can use one home deliver voucher + €10 product voucher, but not two €10 product vouchers).

What products are included in IKEA product vouchers?

All IKEA items, including Swedish food market, except services, restaurant, bistro and gift card. You just need to do a minimum purchase of €50 or €75 to use the €10 or €15 voucher respectively. 

Can I collect reward keys at all IKEA stores?

Yes, you can collect reward keys in all IKEA stores located in Portugal, in the online store, app, remote sales by phone and even in the planning studios.

Can I redeem rewards at all IKEA stores?

Rewards can only be used in Portugal. Discount vouchers on products can be used in the online store and in the physical store for cash and carry purchases (that is, when the products are collected and transported by the customer himself). You can also use service rewards on online purchases or by phone. Rewards in meals or cake and hot drink can be used in our IKEA restaurants.

For technical reasons, when in store, the service rewards can’t be used, and the product vouchers can only be redeemed in cash and carry purchases.

Where can I find information, including how to accumulate reward keys and how to choose rewards?

Information regarding reward keys can be found by logging into your IKEA Family profile on or the IKEA app.

Can I offer my reward keys to someone or exchange them for cash?

Reward keys are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for monetary value.

If I return the item(s) I purchased, what happens to the reward keys collected from that purchase?

If you purchase item(s) and consequently accumulate reward keys, but later return these item(s) receiving a refund of the amount you paid for them, the number of reward keys correspondent to the returned value will be automatically deducted from your key balance within 24 to 48 hours.

Can I enjoy IKEA Family rewards alongside other IKEA product promotions?

Yes, you can enjoy IKEA Family rewards along with other IKEA product promotions, as long as the discount is already applied to the final price of the product.

What does it mean when a reward is unlocked or locked on my IKEA Family profile?

If a reward is "unlocked" on your IKEA Family profile, it means that you have accumulated enough reward keys to be able to choose it. If a reward is "locked", it means that you haven't accumulated enough reward keys to be able to select it.

How can I opt out of participating in IKEA Family reward keys?

IKEA Family reward keys belong to the general benefits of IKEA Family. To stop using it, you can delete your IKEA Family account on the respective profile page. However, in doing so, you will lose access to this and all other benefits of the IKEA Family program, including access to your purchase history.

How can I change IKEA Family card details or delete my account?

You can update your details (such as name, address, contact details, marketing preferences and interests) or delete your account by logging into your IKEA Family profile on

Can an IKEA Business customers take advantage of IKEA Family reward keys? 

The IKEA Family program is exclusively for individual customers and the IKEA Business program is for businesses customers. Each program has exclusive benefits according to the customer's profile and cannot be combined with each other. A customer who identifies himself as an IKEA Business member will not be able to enjoy the benefits of IKEA Family and vice versa.

Can foreign customers accumulate reward keys in Portugal?

Yes, if they are IKEA Family members in Portugal with a Portuguese address. Reward keys can only be accumulated, and rewards used in national territory. 

I forgot to identify myself during the purchase. Can I add my IKEA Family card now?

The IKEA Family identification of purchases or interactions is the customers responsibility. This identification is essential to save your purchase history in your IKEA profile and collect reward keys.

What is the warranty benefit for damage during shipping or assembly?

The transport and assembly guarantee benefit ensures that, if an unforeseen event occurs that damages the item during transport and assembly, the customer has 14 days to go to an IKEA store located in Portugal and exchange for an equal article. If we are out of stock, we'll refund your money in an IKEA refund card.