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IKEA Family

How can I become an IKEA Family member?

You can join IKEA Family here or via the IKEA app. All individuals over 18 years old and residing in Portugal can be holders of the IKEA Family card. The card is free, personal and non-transferable and valid only for private individual customers.

Business customers should apply to the IKEA for Business program.

In order to receive the benefits associated with the card, its holder must present it to IKEA coworkers whenever requested, in physical or digital format. 

You can update all your data such as name, address, contact details and communication preferences by logging into your IKEA Family account at Alternatively, contact us through the available channels here

The card is valid in all IKEA stores, including the online store in or IKEA app, and also in any other establishments in Portuguese territory that have joined the IKEA Family Program, according to the offers available.

The card is valid for an indefinite period. However, your online profile will be deactivated after 3 years without any identified purchase as an IKEA Family member and all its data will be deleted. 

What are IKEA Family reward keys?

As an IKEA Family member, you can receive reward keys which you can convert into offers, e.g. rewards.

To enjoy these rewards, you must have an active IKEA Family card, physical or digital, with a portuguese address and registered online on An active card is a card used at least once in a purchase in the last 3 years.

If you are an IKEA Family member and have a company part of the IKEA Business program, when making a purchase you must choose one of the benefit programs, as you cannot benefit from both programs at the same time.

How can I receive reward keys from IKEA Family?

You can receive reward keys on all your purchases, whether you buy products or services, online or in physical stores, and when you shop at our IKEA restaurants (except kioks) and on the swedish food market.

If you make a purchase containing cash&carry products (the collection of products is done by the customer inside the store and the transport is ensured by the customer) but also containing products with associated services (delivery of products at the customer support desk, or at click and collect, or in a collection point, or at a CTT point or at home) the allocation of keys for each of these orders is done independently and separately, and the keys can take up to 48 hours to appear in your IKEA Family account, after having received all the products you purchased. Any purchase with an associated service will only be complete after you have received all the products you have purchased.

The only purchases that do not entitle you to obtain keys are purchases at the restaurant kiosks, purchases of a gift card and purchases made as an IKEA for Business member.

You can only receive reward keys for these interactions once a week, between monday and sunday, for each type of interaction. For example, you can log in to your IKEA Family account several times in the same week, but you will only receive reward keys for the first login. 

To receive reward keys for purchases and in-store interactions, you must identify yourself as an IKEA Family member, by presenting a physical or digital IKEA Family card, active and registered at

If you do not identify yourself in a purchase or interaction, you will not be able to do so later. The identification of the IKEA Family card is the sole responsibility of the customer. Your identification is essential to accumulate reward keys, to enjoy all the advantages and benefits of IKEA Family, as well as to check your purchase history on your profile.

To find out if your card is active and registered, log in to our website or app and access your personal area. If you don't have your IKEA Family card registered or it's inactive, you'll need to make a new IKEA Family card to start collecting reward keys. 

If you receive reward keys for a purchase, but later return the purchased items, the corresponding number of reward keys will be deducted from your IKEA Family account balance, which may result in a negative balance.

How many reward keys do I get for each activity or purchase?

When shopping:

  • Purchases up to 30€: 2 keys;
  • Purchases between 30,01 and 60€: 6 keys;
  • Purchases between 60,01 and 120€: 16 keys;
  • Purchases between 120,01 and 250€: 33 keys;
  • Purchases between 250,01 and 500€: 67 keys;
  • Purchases between 500,01 and 1000€: 135 keys;
  • Purchases between 1000,01 and 2000€: 270 keys;
  • Purchases between 2000,01 and 4000€: 540 keys;
  • Purchases over 4000€: 1080 keys.


When interacting with IKEA services and channels:

  • Log in as an IKEA Family member on the IKEA website or app: 1 key;
  • Create and save a favorites list on the IKEA website or app: 2 keys;
  • Register and participate in an IKEA Family event upon prior registration: 20 keys;
  • Book and participate in a planning or interior design session, in-store or online: 25 keys (you must log in before in order to receive keys).

How can I use my reward keys?

Once you have received enough reward keys, the rewards will automatically be available in your IKEA Family account and can be used. 

The number of reward keys corresponding to each reward will be subtracted from your key balance and you will receive an email with a code confirming your choice. Once the reward has been selected it will not be possible to return it and receive the corresponding keys again.

You can use the code online, in the IKEA app, on the website, on store cash&carry purchases (the collection of products is done by the customer inside the store and the transport is ensured by the customer) or in a remote purchase through our customer support center.

Each reward code is unique, personal and non-transferable, and can only be used once, for a one-time purchase. It is not possible to use 2 rewards on the same purchase.

It is not possible to use an IKEA Family reward on purchases made through the IKEA Business program.

What rewards can I have?

Below are some examples of rewards you can choose with your reward keys:

  • Discount on a delivery of store, online or by phone purchases;
  • Offer of a full meal in the IKEA restaurants;
  • Offer of a cake and hot drink in the IKEA restaurants and bistro;
  • Vouchers for IKEA products to redeem on purchases from 50€* done online, by phone or in cash&carry purchases (the collection of products is done by the customer inside the store and the transport is ensured by the customer)

*_10€ product voucher to use on purchases from 50€ and 15€ product voucher to use on purchases from 75€, except for services, restaurant, bistro, swedish food market, gift card and buy back and resell articles.

Available rewards and corresponding number of reward keys required, as well as instructions for selecting and choosing a reward are available in your IKEA Family account. 

Once the reward keys have been used to select and choose a reward they will no longer be available in your IKEA Family account.

If you decide to return an article you will receive the amount you paid for the product through the same payment method and will not be reimbursed for the reward used in the purchase.

If you decide to cancel the purchase, the code will be reissued with the same expiration date as the previous voucher.

Can I enjoy IKEA Family rewards alongside other IKEA product promotions?

Yes, you can enjoy IKEA Family rewards along with other IKEA product promotions, as long as the discount is already applied to the final price of the product.

What is the delivery and assembly warranty benefit?

The delivery and assembly warranty benefit ensures that, if any unforeseen event occurs that damages the item during transport and assembly by the IKEA Family member, the customer has 14 days to go to an IKEA store located in Portugal and exchange it for an identical item, provided that at the time of purchase you have identified yourself as an IKEA Family member with an active online profile (with purchases in the last 3 years). In the event of a stock outage, we will make a refund on an IKEA refund card. Not applicable to buy back and resell items.

What is the free hot drink benefit?

The free hot drink benefit ensures that the IKEA Family member is entitled to tea, coffee or decaf from Monday to Friday whenever they present their IKEA Family card, with an active online profile, to a restaurant or bistro coworker. You can do this more than once in the same day. This hot drink will be for your own consumption, being a personal and non-transferable benefit, and may not be offered to third parties, even if they are IKEA Family members.