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Upholstered beds

Bring extra cosiness to your bedroom with an upholstered bed. With soft fabrics and extra padding in the headboards, you can have a comfy backrest for your late night reading. Some of our upholstered bed frames also have smart storage options to maximise your space. Find your new dream bed here.

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More optionsSAGESUND Upholstered bed frame Standard Single

SAGESUND Upholstered bed frame, Diseröd brown/Lönset, Standard Single

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HAUGA Upholstered bed, 2 storage boxes, Vissle grey, Standard King
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With an upholstered bed frame, you create a soft and calm atmosphere in your room. These upholstered beds are dressed in soft textiles and come in several different colours. You can also find options with soft, plush headboards – a perfect addition when reading, watching TV or using your phone in bed. They’ll let you lean back and relax in your upholstered bed with a book or while enjoying a movie. Browse upholstered bed frames to find one that works for you.  

What are the benefits of an upholstered bed frame?

A fabric bed frame adds an extra bit of style and decadence to your bedroom, though the designs can come in many forms. Upholstered bed frames can be subtle, but they can also help make a statement in a master bedroom. It all comes down to what style you choose and what material and colour you pick.  

Do upholstered beds offer extra storage space?

Some of the upholstered beds you’ll find feature storage platforms with drawers. With this built-in storage, you can easily stow away toys, towels, bed linens  or whatever else you want, keeping them out of sight but close at hand. This also clears up floor space and adds a sense of openness to the room.  

How many different sizes do Upholstered bed frames come in?

Our upholstered bed frames are available in many different sizes. Consider the queen or king-sized options if you're looking for a bed to share with your partner. You can also find upholstered beds in twin sizes which are perfect for non-active solo sleepers, and a good choice for children too.  

Pick an upholstered bed that fits your room

When looking for the perfect upholstered bed frame, you have a variety of colours and shades to choose from, from neutral to more vibrant tones. A good way to think about it is to try picking a colour that suits the overall palette of the bedroom. If you can’t find a perfectly matching upholstered bed, then you can never go wrong with a simple white bed or black bed.  

How to spice up your upholstery bed frame?

These beds can come in a variety of colours and styles. They can also be paired with a bunch of different mattress types. When you’ve found the right upholstery bed frame, complete it with a comfortable mattress and fluffy pillows and comforters.  

What mattress works best with an upholstered bed frame?

Upholstered beds work with all kinds of mattresses, as long as the size fits the frame. Choose a firm mattress or medium firm mattress if you want some extra support, or go for a soft mattress if you’re a side-sleeper or want a little less firmness in your cushioning.  

What colours do an IKEA upholstered bed come in?

An IKEA upholstered bed frame can come in many different colours to match your personal style. Go for a grey bed frame or beige bed frame with upholstery if you want a more subtle, subdued appearance. For a bit of playfulness and classic style, you can also try out a  pink bed frame. Or if you want a soothing splash of colour, consider a blue bed frame  or  green bed frame to add a calming feeling to your room.