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Conquer the great indoors

Life at home has never felt more important than it does right now. But it also comes with some fresh new challenges. Whether it’s dealing with new colleagues that bark or cry, or finding distractions around every corner, IKEA are here to help you find freedom in your new habitat and conquer the great indoors.

Free up some space, free up your mind

It doesn’t matter how big your house is. A few clever storage solutions can be all it takes to liberate your living space. So why not start thinking about ways your kitchen can cater for more than just cooking? Or bring dead space back to life again with a few simple changes.

  • Love every inch of your home. Free yourself from chaos.
  • Let hook rails take the load off. Tidying up becomes a breeze – even when you’re just not in the mood.
  • Feel more connected with nature, welcome furniture and accessories from renewable materials into your home.

Make your home feel calm in the chaos

Win at staying in by finding the inspiration you need to create a comfortable and captivating space that you’ll love to live in.

  • Make your home come out of its shell by using different textures to give it a fresh new look.
  • Who said practical couldn’t look polished? Make your dining room cabinet a show-stopping showcase for tableware.
  • Give yourself some headspace by painting your ceiling white and stopping the wall colour at least 5 cm below the ceiling.
  • Give time the green light, time seems to pass more quickly in greenish light than in reddish light.

Play, have fun and lose yourself in your own home

Keep them still whilst their imaginations run wild. Why not open a cafe, raise piglets or build the longest railroad? Whatever toys, crayons and costumes you provide, fantasy will do the rest. It’s time to make more out of being in.

  • Give your little ones props for exploring new dimensions.
  • Relish a duvet day together with a film for all the family.
  • Build a den with pillows and blankets and camp inside with the kids.
  • Find freedom in new hobbies – Try a virtual tour of a museum or why not master a new skill together?

Make your workspace work as hard as you

Working or studying from home isn’t alway easy, there are distractions around every corner, but you can make it easier. With some simple steps, you can help make everyone at home feel comfortable enough to concentrate on the task at hand.

  • Routine. Routine. Routine. Have one for home.
  • Try not to start staying up later, remember you’ve still got work in the morning
  • Get up bright and early, have a wash, get dressed, have breakfast and tackle the day in the best possible way
  • A bright start sets you up to conquer the day