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Children's room

Inspirational ideas for your baby or kids’ room

A boy playing with IKEA toys.

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Hurry, it’s your last chance! We are making room for exciting new products, so we have to say goodbye to some of our old favourites. These last chance products might be gone soon, so get them while supplies last.

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Bed linen that’s just out of the woods

Your children will love to hang out with their furry friends on this new forest-life-inspired bed linen. Made from soft cotton that helps to keep them comfortable, it’s a feast for the imagination they won’t want to be parted from, in bed and out.

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A child curled up in a bed made with BRUMMIG bed linen with just their eyes visible, looking at a teddy bear beside them.
A child walking across a VAMDRUP flatwoven rug towards a bedroom door holding a teddy and wrapped in BRUMMIG bed linen.
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First lesson in getting organised: boxes

Why not give your kid a head start in learning how to keep their stuff organised? Boxes make it easier to keep track of everything, from toys to clothes.

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A TROFAST storage combination with boxes stands on the floor under a wall-mounted TROFAST frame holding toys and boxes.
A white STUK box with compartments containing a mix of clothes sits on a floor. A striped sock lies on one edge of the box.
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Selected children's room furniture systems and series

From baby to teens, you can find a lot of coordinated kids' bedroom furniture and more.

SMÅSTAD system – Storage and more for your growing children
BUSUNGE series – In white or pink with rounded edges and durable surfaces
SUNDVIK series – Furniture with a timeless style and a choice of colours

Selected children's room series and collections

From dinosaur toys and textiles to games and craft supplies to wooden trains.

JÄTTELIK series – Soft toys, bed linen and more with a theme that kids love… dinosaurs
LUSTIGT collection – Games, toys and craft equipment to inspire play and fun for all ages
LILLABO series – Train set toys that develop the imagination, fine motor skills and logical thinking
In front of a pink bedroom wall is a PLATSA wardrobe in white.

Create perfect storage solution for your children's room

Our specialists will help you to sort out your little one's clothing storage so that their wardrobe keeps up with them as they grow up.

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A girl sitting in a chair and drawing.

There’s more than one way to pay for your baby or kids' room

With our 0% APR Representative Interest-free credit you can make payments one month at a time.

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There’s more than one way to pay

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