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How to sleep well: a special guide to sleep and rest

Sleep is a fundamental human need. However, something that in theory seems as simple as some good rest and recuperation , often turns into an endless quest for sleep, right?

At IKEA, we want sleeping to be the least of your problems so, in collaboration with the Spanish Sleep Society, we have created this guide dedicated your whole family's sleep. We reveal all the secrets to rest and we'll help you find the best solutions for getting a good night's sleep, night after night. 

What happens to our bodies while we sleep?

During sleep, our body is going through a lot of processes and does not stop working. Click the button below to find out what happens to your body while you are sleeping. 

How to decorate your bedroom for better rest

Is there a perfect room for getting a good night's sleep? The answer is 'yes, of course!' What's more, you can create it in your own home with just a couple of simple tips. Discover them all in the next article! 

Not sure what you need? We can help you pick your products!

Buying the right products to help you sleep is really important. Like any good investment, you should know about the features of each item to make sure that you're choosing the one that best suits your sleep needs and that your money is well spent. 

Rule number one: the most expensive product isn't necessarily the best one for you.  

Want to know everything you should consider when buying a mattress, pillow or duvet? Check out these guides!

Or, do it yourself

Use our bedroom planners to find the perfect sleep solution for your needs.

More tips for your bedroom

Need a bit more information? Don't miss out on this great selection of tips and ideas for organising and decorating the whole family's bedrooms to turn them into a true oasis of rest.