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5 summer games to entertain your kids on holiday

Have you run out of ideas to keep your kids entertained with their boundless energy? Here are several summer games that your kids will have a fantastic time playing – so everyone can enjoy their holidays to the fullest. Take note! 

Holidays + children inevitably means playing all day long. It's their way of having fun, experimenting and learning. However, there may come a time when, despite having loads of toys, they get bored because they don't know what to do. To prevent this from happening, here are some summer games that you can adapt to your little ones' tastes and the space you have on holiday. Let's go!  

1. Personalised scavenger hunt 

Organising a scavenger hunt is the perfect, entertaining option for your summer holidays, as you have plenty of time and it can be completed both indoors and outdoors, depending on the space you have and the temperature.  
To do this, you will need to create several challenges and come up with a prize for the winner. It can be played individually or in groups, based on the number of children participating.

Our suggestion is that you customise it according to the tastes of your kids, so they will have even more fun. It's also important to consider the space. For example, you can incorporate water to cool down if you're outside, or furniture for certain challenges if you're inside. To avoid any risks, we recommend that you use soft, plush-style toys.  
Need some ideas? A children's dart game, such as LUSTIGT; place a PLUFSIG mat on the floor to do cartwheels; hide clues in drawers; a tag game with vests and balls; or even a tunnel they'll have to pass through. There are so many options! If you use your imagination, you're sure to have a great time.  

2. Water glass race 

This is a very simple game for which you only need an outdoor space, such as the terrace or garden, several glasses and some water. To avoid any risks, it's best to choose plastic cups such as the KALAS. They come in bright colours and are made of non-toxic materials. Plus, since they're reusable and there's no risk of breakage, they're sustainable. 
The goal of the game? To go from one side to the other as quickly as possible without spilling the water. You can even draw the exact path with some coloured chalk.  
If you want to hold multiple rounds, you can put one bucket (or any other container) per participant at the end of the path, to see how much water actually remains at the end of the race. The one with the least amount of water spilled, wins! Then, so you don't waste it, you can use the water for your plants or to clean the floor.   

3. Picnic for their favourite dolls in the garden 

When it's not as hot outside, organising a picnic on the patio with their favourite plush toys or dolls is a fantastic idea. Let them feast with mini-sized tables and chairs! If you prefer, instead of putting out a table and a tablecloth, you can use a mat and lay out everything their guests will need to enjoy a wonderful picnic outdoors: toy glasses, dishes, fruits, desserts

Looking for a trick to not let things get too messy? Tell your children to pull out a trolley or a box with all the toys that they will use, so when they come back inside, they will just have to put them away and clean-up will be much easier. Your little ones can even take advantage of this moment to have their own outdoor snack.  

4. Large-scale painting 

Painting is the perfect type of entertainment any time of year. During the summer, it's best to take advantage of the hottest hours when you can't go out on the street or when you can't get to the pool or beach. This way, your little ones will stay entertained.  
Our idea for this occasion? Go big with large white paper, such as MÅLA, or paper with outlines for them to colour in, like LUSTIGT. You can place it on a long table or on the floor, whichever you prefer. Once you have this ready, it's time to choose the paints and other materials you'll need for your little ones to unleash their inner artist.  

Another suggestion is having your children paint white masks with tempera or other colourful paints. The heat will dry them quickly and, once the kids are finished painting, they can wear them, come up with stories, and play an endless amount of games.  
To avoid any stains, our advice is to prepare a work area on top of old newspapers that you have at home and no longer use. As for clothing, it's also a good idea to dress them in old clothes that they can get dirty – they'll enjoy the experience much more this way!  

5. Night-time theatre with stuffed animals and puppets 

When night falls, you can organise an activity that emulates the typical summer outdoor cinema, but adapted so your little ones can develop their imagination away from the screens: a theatre with stuffed animals and puppets. You can do it inside or outside the house; the key is that the lighting focuses on the stage. You can use string lights or a lamp with a striking design. At IKEA, we have a range of children's lamps that are energy efficient. Take a peek below! 

Apart from lighting, you'll also need a stage, which can be a step stool like TROGEN, and, of course, several stuffed animals or puppets, like our TITTA DJUR. For everything else, let your children give free rein to their creativity and invent stories with their stuffed animals for the rest of the family.  

Of course, at the end of the show, it's important to collect everything so you can tackle the next day calmly with a tidy space. Here's a video showing you how to clean up in record time. You know how the saying goes: don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Need more game ideas for your little ones? Here are a few articles that can help you out.  

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