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Original ideas to personalise your IVAR cabinet

The IVAR cabinet has a lot of room for customisation. Its untreated solid pine offers many possibilities (it can be painted, stained, cut out etc.). That's why we love to do creative things with it. Take a look at some of the ideas we've come up with so far. From painting it to adding more storage areas to suit your needs, we have some great alternatives for you!

Do you have an IVAR cabinet and want to give it a personal touch? Whether you've just bought it or you've had it for several years and you want to freshen it up, these options will inspire you to create your very own unique piece. Let's get started!

1. Storage solutions for games

Are you a board game lover? Then these storage solutions are for you, as they're perfect for keeping the whole family's leisure material tidy, especially in the living room.

On the inside of the doors, we put hooks for headphones, a basket for remote controls and a clipboard for keeping score. We also screwed a plywood magazine rack to the side of the cabinet to store tablets. All set for the next game night!

2. A dressing table

Yes, you read it right: with the IVAR cabinet you can create a unique dressing table so that you can get ready without taking up the bathroom for so long.

We made a central hole in the doors to keep some things hidden and others visible. We then painted the inside and outside to add a touch of contrast. On one side, we put an extendible mirror so that we can see ourselves properly while we're getting ready and, as a final touch, some string lights to give it even more glamour. What do you think?

As in the previous case, storage baskets can also be added if necessary. 

3. IVAR cabinets converted into a mural

This time, we've used four IVAR cabinets, which is ideal if you need to store a lot of things. 

Once they were in place, we painted a large mural in pastel colours and placed a rail to hang artwork and paintbrushes in one of the cabinets. We opted for hooks with clips but you can use hangers if you prefer. 

However, this is just an idea; you can use this type of rail to hang whatever you need. 

4. A cupboard

Need extra storage in the kitchen? Create a small cupboard with your IVAR cabinet. We painted the cupboard blue (and part of the wall so it blends) and we lined the back panel with newspapers to give it a vintage touch. Inside the doors, we put hooks and baskets.

As you can see, you can store a lot of things in this cupboard; and if you still need more space, you can complement the cupboard with wall-mounted drawers like TROFAST.

5. Bedroom wardrobe

With four IVAR cabinets on top of two wall-mounted dressers, you can create a very spacious wardrobe for your bedroom.

The creative touch is provided by the design, made with stencils and black paint. Of course, ideally, you should adapt it to suit your taste and the style of your bedroom. In this sense, it's best to choose the colours and shapes that match the best. The choice is yours!

6. A secret doll house

The little ones at home will love it and the best thing is that it will help you keep everything much tidier

To put it together, all you have to do is line the back with some nice paper and place some coloured hangers on the doors. And the cherry on top? Although it's fixed to the wall, we put a leg with a sock underneath to give it a more fun touch. Once that's done, put the toys inside, and that's it!

Which of these ideas did you like the most? If you were surprised by everything you can do with a cabinet and want more inspiration to revamp your home using the furniture you already have, here's a selection of articles that may interest you. 

We love it when customers use our products in a creative way. Why not try to do something new with them yourself? But do remember, any modifications or changes that you make to IKEA products will prevent them from being resold or used for their original purpose, thus invalidating IKEA product warranties and your right to return them.