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Craft and DIY with recycled boxes, gift wrapping paper, tins or bottles

At IKEA we are, quite simply, lovers of second chances. Second chances for furniture, for tins, for boxes, for decorations. Almost everything can be reused at least once: plastic containers, tins, shoe boxes, glass jars, corks and even items that have broken. All you need is a little paint, glue, screws – and all your creativity. Try these DIY recycling ideas! You will create a more sustainable world and you can save money at home. Will you join us?

Blue boxes close to a mirror and bottles.
Blue boxes close to a mirror and bottles.

1. Empty tins with kitchen containers

Do you fancy giving your kitchen a modern, industrial look? Well, keep your cutlery and kitchen utensils to hand in attractive tins on your worktops. It’s extremely easy to do:

  • Remove the labels from the tins and any traces of glue.

  • Clean the tins thoroughly inside and out before you start to paint them.

  • Paint them in whatever way you like! We have personalised them with a textured paint that looks like cement to maintain the modern, industrial style of this kitchen, but of course you could use colours that reflect your style or that match your decoration.

2. Glass jars to organise the bathroom

Glass jars allow you to see what they contain and how much. So, we have adopted this kitchen idea for the bathroom.

If you would like to do the same, clean and air dry the used jars. Then, stick a handle or a grip onto the lid. You could even paint it in your favourite colour.

The final result will be a fun version of the old apothecary jars!

3. New storage from old shoe boxes

Shoe boxes are very practical for storing things. So... Why hide them? Decorate them, leave them on show and store all kinds of objects in them.

  • Take three or four boxes of different sizes: from large to very small.

  • Take some fabric, sheets of newspaper, or pages from old books that will match your room decoration.

  • Glue these to the surface of the box as a cover. A brush will come in handy for spreading the glue evenly.

  • Allow them to dry for a few hours until you're sure they are ready to use.

You could put them in the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, or even inside the wardrobe to keep your accessories tidy. Organisation is essential, and if you think the same way as us, then all the better!

4. Jewellery hangers made from corks

Do you keep the corks from bottles in case you can do something with them one day? Well, today is that day! Use them to make a hanger for jewellery.
Take a few bottle corks and coasters made of the same material.

Then, screw the corks onto the coasters.

Finally, put them on the wall so that you can then hang different necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings on each of the corks.

5. Wall organisers made from waste

Most packaging is great for storage solutions. And the same is true of broken items. So, we are going to use both these things to make a wall organiser.

  • We will use a board as the base and clean everything well.

  • We can try out different designs and can cut the objects as needed.

  • Then, we can stick the whole thing together with a very strong glue.

  • Finally, we can apply spray paint or several coats of conventional paint.

6. How to recycle gift wrapping paper

When the gift wrapping paper mounts up after the Christmas festivities, a birthday or some other form of celebration, it is essential that we know how to give it a new lease of life or to recycle it correctly.

Obviously, the easiest thing is to recycle, putting it in a container for paper so that it can be reused. But there are also many creative ways to give it a "second chance" at home:

  • If you have opened your gift carefully, you can use the paper again.

  • What about a paper garland? Take different pieces of gift wrap and cut them into shapes that you like: stars, triangles, hearts, etc. Then, join them together with a cord and hang it up as a room or party decoration.

  • As a cover for notebooks, books or boxes; another good option is to reuse the paper to make covers for textbooks or reading books, or to cover shoe boxes to give them a new look.

  • Simple: Confetti for your next celebration! If you cut up what's left of the paper into hundreds of tiny pieces, you will have plenty of confetti for your next soirée.

  • Would you like to know more? Then, you should read: 6 easy ways to recycle at home.

If you have found our tips interesting, and you’d like to find out more about recycling, click on this link and you’ll find all the information you need.

We love it when our customers use our products creatively. You can be bold too! However, you should bear in mind that any changes and modifications you make to IKEA products will prevent them being resold or used for their original purpose and therefore such changes will invalidate your IKEA commercial warranty - and your right to return the item.