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Manage and track your order

You can check the delivery status of your order with your order number and the email address or phone number you used to place your order.

To do this, click here:

What can you do on our order tracking page?

- Check the delivery status: see the status of the order you placed with us.

- Review your purchase details: products purchased, purchase date, shipping information, estimated delivery date, etc.

- Cancel order: if we have not yet processed and prepared your order, you can still cancel it.

- Reschedule delivery: you can change the delivery date and time as long as we have not processed your order. This option is only available for home delivery orders.

- Manage the replacement of damaged products within 7 days of delivery.

Track your delivery

Thank you for placing an order with us. What is the next step? These are the stages your order will go through before it arrives at its new home.

Order received

The order you placed has not arrived and is pending preparation. You can still cancel it and change the delivery date.

Processing order

We are gathering all the items for your order. Your order is now being processed and it is too late to cancel it but if you change your mind, you can return any items you don’t want (once you have received them). We explain how to do this in our returns policy.

Order ready

We already have your order ready to be shipped.


Your order has left our premises and is on its way.


Your order has been successfully delivered.

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