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Assembly service available in the whole Península

✔ Furniture assembly.

✔ From €19.

 Qualified professionals

✔ Choose date and time.

✔ Personal contact with the worker.

✔ Pay only after assembly.

What is TaskRabbit?

Now you can hire your assembly service online with TaskRabbit for the whole peninsula. (Not available on the islands)

TaskRabbit is a platform that connects qualified contractors with people who want help with their household tasks. Assembly pricing just for IKEA products starting at 19€.

IKEA has partnered with TaskRabbit to offer convenient and easy assembly of your furniture.

Taskrabbit only assembles furniture, not kitchen and bathroom installations. More information about installations here

The contracting of services with TaskRabbit from the shop is available in all the shops in the Peninsula.

How does the TaskRabbit IKEA Furniture Assembly Service work?

1. Hire your assembly online

Hire this service for your online purchases. If you buy from the store you can also request it through TaskRabbit. They will send you a fixed, personalised quote. Select the assembly date and time.

2. Get matched with a Tasker

TaskRabbit's network of assemblers are called "Taskers". TaskRabbit will then match you with a Tasker. You can chat and confirm the details of your task with the Tasker directly via the website or the TaskRabbit app.

3. Assembly and pay

Keep the items in the room where they will be assembled. Taskers always follow IKEA furniture assembly instructions. This includes securing furniture to the wall if specified in the instructions. You will only be charged for the service once the task is complete.

How much does it cost?

TaskRabbit has created assembly pricing just for IKEA products starting at €19. There is a flat rate for each type of product, so the total assembly price will depend on the products you want assembled. 

Visit the TaskRabbit website for a detailed breakdown of the prices and to find out if a Tasker is available in your area.

Who does the assembly?

Taskers are independent contractors who, among other requirements, are registered and certified as self-employed. Taskers decide which categories of task they want to perform, when and where they want to work and how much they will charge. Every Tasker that registers with TaskRabbit undergoes a thorough background check in accordance with the necessary safety measures to ensure a trustworthy platform.

Additional Services by TaskRabbit

As well as IKEA furniture assembly, TaskRabbit can put you in touch with Taskers who offer other services that might be useful to you, such as help with moving, cleaning or minor home repairs. 

Visit for more information and to book a Tasker.

Please note that all bookings and works are subject to TaskRabbit's terms and conditions and privacy policy.