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IKEA stores

  • Select your IKEA store or collection point to learn all about opening times, addresses and the latest news at your nearest store. You can also find out information about our restaurant and Swedish Food Market.

    At IKEA we always offer free parking. Special parking spaces are available for people with disabilities and families. There is also a loading area right next to the exit to make your shopping even easier.

    In our car park you'll find special parking spaces near the entrance reserved for families. As you walk into the store, you'll find Småland, our play area, which is full of exciting adventures for your little ones. If you'd rather stick together, you can use our toddler carts. Along the route you'll find play areas so that your little ones can have fun while you choose and try out our products.

    Our restaurant is specially designed for children. You can find everything from special offers to baby food, high chairs, bibs, microwaves... and yet another play area for them! We also provide a nursing and nappy changing room. All of these services and facilities are free of charge, so you don't have to worry if your visit ends up being longer than you've planned.

    All of our IKEA stores have parking spaces for disabled visitors, as well as automatic entrances. Inside the store, we provide wheelchairs for in-store use and there is also a lift, an accessible toilet for visitors with disabilities and ramps.

    All IKEA stores are smoke-free spaces throughout.

    All of our stores have wheelchairs available for customers who might need one. Simply head to the information point located at the store entrance and we'll be happy to provide one.

    Pets are part of the IKEA family. Pets are allowed in all IKEA shops and contact points. You can read the rules and regulations here.

  • Learn more about your IKEA store: address, opening times and activities.

    If you'd like to learn all about your favourite IKEA store, you can do so here.

    You can find the opening hours, address, restaurant opening times, activities and scheduled events for each of our stores. 

    And for your little ones, you can check if your local store does birthday events and see the opening hours of Småland, along with the requirements for entering our children’s play area. 

  • Bring your family along – we have something for everyone!

    Each of our stores offers high chairs, organic baby food, stations to heat baby food and healthy meals for children in the restaurant, as well as play areas and nursing rooms. All of our stores have a day care centre that you can use for 45 minutes at a time (bookings available in-store).

  • Lost something in one of our stores? We want to help you get it back.

    We report all missing or lost items we find on the website of our trusted partner, iLost*. When you claim an item, we'll check that the item belongs to you, so the more information you can provide when claiming it, the better. Once we have confirmed that the item belongs to you, you'll be able to collect it from the customer service desk at the store where you lost it. Please note that if the claimed item is an IKEA product, we'll ask you to show the receipt on collection. You can find the customer service desk next to the exit in our stores.

    Go to the iLost website:

    *When creating an account on their website, you'll be asked to accept their Privacy Policy and iLost will become the controller of your personal data. You can also head directly to the store where you think you lost the item to try to locate it without registering.

  • Buy online now and receive your products within the next few days. Want to touch them, try them out or find out more about them? Then visit your nearest store, where you can sit on the sofas or ask one of our helpful co-workers about the different types of mattresses we offer before you commit.

    What makes a perfect home? Only you decide. That's why we offer more than 10,000 products and a wealth of ideas and services to furnish your home.

    Make yourself comfortable in the various room settings we offer in store – Try out the upholstery, feel the oriental rugs, test the sofa beds and open up the wardrobes to get a feel for the quality. On the price tag you'll find everything you need to know about a product, including where you can collect it in store.

    Since most IKEA furniture is flat-packed, you can easily take it home with you when you buy it in-store.

    If you buy online, we'll deliver your items to your home or business.

    We can collect them, deliver them and assemble them for you if you like. We can even install that new kitchen you're after. Find more information on all our additional services or speak with an IKEA co-worker in-store.

    We accept credit cards, debit cards, IKEA Business cards and IKEA gift cards. Obviously, when you pay online the transaction is completely secure. You can choose from a range of financing options if you prefer to spread the payment.

    Don't worry! If you take something home only to change your mind, you have 365 days to return it. Simply keep your receipt to ensure a smooth return process. For more information, consult our Return policy.

    The IKEA Store app can be a big help if you are thinking about visiting us. Explore products, create a shopping list and receive the latest offers from your nearest store. You can download the IKEA Store app from Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS).

    For all IKEA purchases, we issue a simplified invoice that looks much like a receipt. And if you are exempt from paying VAT, we explain how to request a refund.

  • As most IKEA furniture is flat-packed, you can take your products home today by car and start enjoying them right away.

    If you prefer, IKEA can arrange home delivery at a reasonable price. Please visit the delivery service desk at the Customer Service area after making your purchase. 

    To learn more about our services, click here

  • For our visitors with reduced mobility, we also offer the following in-store services:

    Wheelchairs – Available at no cost for in-store use.

    Assisted shopping – Please contact the store's Customer Service department to request this service.
    Facilities for visitors with hearing disabilities