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One armchair can transform an unused corner into a reading nook or a spot for recharging, and two armchairs create a space for relaxed conversations. Our range includes many types of armchairs with different styles, comfort levels, colours and materials – try them all and find your favourite!

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More optionsEKOLSUND Recliner

EKOLSUND Recliner, Gunnared light brown-pink

More optionsSTRANDMON Wing chair

STRANDMON Wing chair, Kelinge beigeSTRANDMON Wing chair, Vibberbo black/beigeSTRANDMON Wing chair, Djuparp dark green

More optionsNOLMYRA Easy chair

NOLMYRA Easy chair, black/black

More optionsEKENÄSET Armchair

EKENÄSET Armchair, Kelinge grey-turquoise

More optionsEKERÖ Armchair

EKERÖ Armchair, Skiftebo dark blueEKERÖ Armchair, Skiftebo dark greyEKERÖ Armchair, Skiftebo orange

More optionsSOLSTA OLARP Armchair

SOLSTA OLARP Armchair, Idhult black

More optionsEKTORP Armchair

EKTORP Armchair, Hallarp beigeEKTORP Armchair, Tallmyra blueEKTORP Armchair, Remmarn light grey

More optionsVIMLE Armchair

VIMLE Armchair, with wide armrests/Hillared beigeVIMLE Armchair, with wide armrests/Djuparp dark green-blueVIMLE Armchair, with wide armrests/Lejde red/brown

More optionsTULLSTA Armchair

TULLSTA Armchair, Nordvalla medium greyTULLSTA Armchair, Nordvalla light green

More optionsGRÖNLID Armchair

GRÖNLID Armchair, Hillared beigeGRÖNLID Armchair, Sporda naturalGRÖNLID Armchair, Tallmyra blue

More optionsPOÄNG Armchair cushion

POÄNG Armchair cushion, Hillared beigePOÄNG Armchair cushion, Hillared dark bluePOÄNG Armchair cushion, Hillared anthracite

More optionsVEDBO Armchair

VEDBO Armchair, Gunnared blueVEDBO Armchair, Gunnared light brown-pinkVEDBO Armchair, Gunnared light green

More optionsFRÖSET Easy chair

FRÖSET Easy chair, red stained oak veneerFRÖSET Easy chair, black stained oak veneer

More optionsPOÄNG Rocking-chair

POÄNG Rocking-chair, black-brown/Knisa light beigePOÄNG Rocking-chair, black-brown/Hillared dark bluePOÄNG Rocking-chair, black-brown/Hillared anthracite

More optionsLANDSKRONA Armchair

LANDSKRONA Armchair, Djuparp dark blue/metalLANDSKRONA Armchair, Djuparp dark blue/woodLANDSKRONA Armchair, Gunnared dark grey/wood
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