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We'll buy back your old IKEA furniture on Green Friday

This year, we are turning Black Friday into Green Friday, and making climate change the biggest deal for the planet and your wallet.

At IKEA, we believe that everyone can do something to live a more sustainable life at home.  One thing we can do is help give thousands of pieces of IKEA furniture ​a second life (or third, or fourth).  It may seem like a little thing, but together you can help us make it a big thing.

Sell us something you don’t need.  We’ll find someone who needs it.

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Why is this the biggest deal on Green Friday?

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Earn double value with IKEA Family

We believe there’s a more sustainable way to save money on Green Friday. Instead of flash sales and big discounts, we want to buy something from you. Maybe there’s an old BILLY bookcase in your home that you no longer need. Or maybe it’s just that your current NORDVIKEN dining table isn’t big enough for your ever-growing family.

We’ll buy back your old IKEA furniture, and promise to find someone who will give it a second life!

In return, you'll receive IKEA credit that you can spend on something you do need. In addition, if you are an IKEA Family member, we will pay you double the normal buy-back price if you make your appraisal on our website between 23rd and 29th November 2020.

Given the current health situation, you can bring your furniture into your IKEA shop until 31 January 2021 and keep double the normal buy-back price if you have made the appraisal on our website from 23 to 29 November. Your safety and that of our partners is the most important thing.

Not an IKEA Family member yet?

How Green Friday works:

Green Friday works together with our new buy back service. Using this service is as easy as building a BILLY bookcase: you sell us back your used IKEA furniture in return for an IKEA refund card. We take care of re-selling that furniture for you.

Step 1: Fill out form
Tell us what you want to sell back to us, using our short online form. When you complete the form, you will immediately receive an estimate of the sell-back price for your used IKEA furniture. If you are an IKEA Family member, you will then see the double offer, valid only during this campaign period.

Step 2: Bring to store
Bring this estimate and your used furniture to the Exchange and Returns section of your nearest IKEA store, where one of our helpful co-workers will check its condition to confirm your final valuation. You do not need the purchase ticket of the product you bring to us.

Step 3: Earn credit
Once the inspection is done, you will be issued with an IKEA refund card for the final buy-back value. You can then use this credit to spend on something you need at IKEA, up to one year after the date of issue.

Terms and conditions apply. Please note, some categories of products are not currently eligible for the Furniture buy-back service. Find out more here.

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