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Custom made kitchen countertops

Big advantages of a custom made countertop

Your custom made countertop is made to fit your kitchen layout perfectly, with the least number of seams. You can order the exact length and depth you need for your kitchen island or bar solution as well as cut-outs for your sink, faucet and cooktop.

How to buy a custom made kitchen countertop

  1. Material and colour - Choose between laminate or quartz, then choose a colour that makes the kitchen your own.
  2. The countertop profiles - Choose the desired profile for the edges. Depending on the material you’ve chosen for your countertop, you have different options.
  3. Choose your sink - Choose the sink you want and if you want it top mounted or undermounted.
  4. Take measurements - Then start to measure to see what size and shape of countertop you need. 
  5. We’re here to help - To design your custom made countertop get help from an IKEA co-worker in the kitchen department at your local store.
  6. Get a free quote - Click here
  7. Order - To order your custom made countertop, please contact an IKEA co-worker in the kitchen department at your local store.

Please note that images may not represent accuracy of colour. We recommend visiting a store to see colour sample or order a sample online.

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