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Toys & play

Arts and crafts for calm creativity

Your kids get a lot more out of arts and crafts than just lots of imaginative fun. Being creative helps them to be calm and focused, and activities like making things with beads develop their fine motor skills.

See all arts & crafts
See all arts & crafts

For having fun together

Great as holiday gifts, you and your kids will have more than just hours of fun with these arts and crafts supplies and toys – you’ll create happy memories and grow closer together, too.

Physical play boosts kids’ brains

Playing physically helps kids develop their motor skills and coordination, as well as making them very happy. You’ll find lots of toys to help in the IKEA range.

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See all physical play

We’re serious about safety testing

When we develop products for children, we first try to see things the way children do. We know their world revolves around play, movement, imagination, relaxation, sleeping and eating. Bumps and bruises are part of growing up, but serious injuries are unacceptable.

When testing our products, we strive to identify and minimize potential safety risks. Each product goes through a long process of testing and is not launched until we are satisfied that it meets our requirements for safety. And even after our products are launched, we continue to evaluate and test them on a regular basis, and if needed we make improvements.