VATTENTÄT Kettle, stainless steel/black, 2 qt
VATTENTÄT Kettle, stainless steel/black, 2 qt
VATTENTÄT Kettle, stainless steel/black, 2 qt
VATTENTÄT Kettle, stainless steel/black, 2 qt
VATTENTÄT Kettle, stainless steel/black, 2 qt
Article Number202.395.95

Product details

Whistle function when water boils.Made from stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean.Wash this product before using it for the first time.
  • Stainless steel, Melamine
    Suitable for use on gas cooktop.Suitable for use on induction cooktop.Suitable for use on ceramic glass cooktop.Suitable for use on electric cooktop.
  • VATTENTÄTKettleArticle no:202.395.95
    Width: 9 ¼ " (23 cm)Height: 7 ½ " (19 cm)Length: 9 ¼ " (23 cm)Weight: 1 lb 8 oz (0.69 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

2 qt (2 l)


HowardYVRIt is light weight and easy to use.4
Vattentat kettleBuzz82I needed a kettle. Saw this one. I like the fact that it has a steam whistle and that I don't burn my hand on the handle.5
Nadia mehrabI bought this 3 months ago and I am so happy that I did5
So ShinyAndrewJanAlthough I wish was polished chrome not brushed steel I still love the look of this kettle. Works very well and very fast. The whistle sound is super nostalgic to me. Didn’t want to add more wires and things to plug in around my kitchen so this is exactly what I wanted. Nothing crazy or fancy just boils water fast and can leave it on my stove or on a shelf. Perfect!5
Leaks, rusts after 1 year of usemarilynHI have owned the Kettle for about a year now. After about 6 months the whistle stopped working. Sometime later noticed there was a small leak. Upon further investigation saw that there was a rust forming at the seams. Needless to say it needs to be thrown out. When I purchases, I thought the quality was good and the price was great. It is unfortunate that after 1 year of use (2-3 times a week) it is unsafe to be used.1
Tea kettle that works on induction stovetop.Småland flyckaI love how it looks in my new kitchen. It works well and it was inexpensive!5
Solid KettleMurph55Graet kettle! Great Price! Easy to wipe clean and keep shining!5
3318I bought this 2 weeks ago it's great, love that the whistle is not loud.4
fixerupperVery reasonably priced and excellent quality. It has a nice weight and great looks.5
Example: Perfect shoe storageNeil01Great for heating water, works well5
Works great ,TG NLKettle works great , the whistle is very good so you don’t forget your using the kettle5
Excellent KettleRoadRunner83I bought this to replace a 2 yo $120 All-Clad kettle.5
Great kettle for a good priceRachael15Bought this kettle to use on the barbecue and wood stove! Great kettle!5
Perfect!ddlmissFunctional and stylish. Love it!5
vattentat kettleDiana SDisappointing. The handle gets hot so you can't pick it up without a pot holder. You have to remove the end to pour - which again, is hot. Very impractical2
Valued priced solutionstrubel333Excellent value, needed a kettle but didn't want to invest in an electric model. This one works perfectly on the stove top, and as a bonus it whistles when the water has boiled.5
Nice looking kettle but.....janeOI bough this because my old kettle looked awful and this one looks nice. But for practicality, the lid is very tight and the whistle spout has to be pulled off to pour.3
Durable & functional . . butLightspeed 41The one we currently have is #2 of this model. It works well (as did #1) but also has a 2 part alarm system. Specifically, the whistle will whistle but the fit on both kettles has been marginal and steam pressure invariably 'pops' the whistle assembly off. If this short double warning is missed and it has been, the kettle will burn dry. - Unadvertised feature.3
Vattentat Kettleshorty67This kettle is very strong and the handle is very well made and never comes loose so I never have to buy a kettle that the handle loosens and worry about getting burned again5
Great kettleMeghannI love the look and size of this Kettle. Cleans well. The only thing is I wish it had on slip handles instead of just plastic. But that's just a personal preference.5
VATTENTÄT Kettle, stainless steel/black, 2 qt

A better everyday one cup at a time

Have you had coffee or tea today? Statistically, you most likely have. In fact, these hot brews are the most consumed beverages in the world next after water. They’re a part of life that can give a silver lining to any moment. That’s why we decided to update our selection of products to make that perfect cup – from the tea infuser and the kettle to the milk frother.

Malin Ljungström, who was involved in developing the range, shares her insights. “To many, the smell of coffee and tea means well-being and a homey feeling. Since we want to improve people’s everyday, we’re offering products that make it possible for more to experience more feelgood moments at home.”

Developing things that make a difference

Malin and her colleagues dug deep into coffee and tea cultures to find out what tools people feel they can’t live without. They talked to specialists and investigated living, eating and drinking habits. “We wanted to develop items that make a difference, so we’ve focused on a few, but carefully selected products,” she states. The team cooperated with IKEA Test Lab in Älmhult, Sweden. It’s an IKEA version of a James Bond lab where prototypes are inspected and evaluated. “A couple of the things we checked were that the thermoses can keep fluids really warm for a long time. And that the glass mugs and glass pots are durable and comfortable, even though they look and feel light and airy,” says Malin.

For all tastes and different wallets

No matter how you enjoy your cup, you’ll find the things that put an extra flavor to your drink in the range. Another good thing is that there’s something for all wallets. “It’s one of our contributions to a better life at home. A way to improve people’s everyday one cup at a time,” concludes Malin.

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Kettle, stainless steel/black2 qt (2 l)

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VATTENTÄT Kettle, stainless steel/black, 2 qt