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Meet the 2021 SAGOSKATT soft toy crew

Bird, Cat, Fried egg, Mermaid dog and Sandwich friends – these cuddly friends form our new SAGOSKATT soft toy-collection. They’re all designed by kids that participated in our annual global drawing competition. All proceeds go to local initiatives supporting children’s rights to play, develop and have fun.

The SAGOSKATT 2021 soft toys standing together in an art gallery. Behind them are framed pictures of each one of them.
The SAGOSKATT 2021 soft toys standing together in an art gallery. Behind them are framed pictures of each one of them.
Audrey, 9, from Saskatoon Saskatchewan is the SAGOSKATT Global winner from Canada.

Meet our Canadian SAGOSKATT winner, Audrey!

Meet 10-year-old Audrey from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! She submitted her drawing ‘Sandwich Friends’ last Fall at the IKEA Edmonton Store and was one of 5 International winners selected from over 66,000 entries. In an e-interview, Audrey said “the drawing represents best friends who live in Canada. Peanut Butter is soft, and jelly is sweet which together they make a wonderful treat”. With ‘Sandwich Friends’, Audrey wants to spread kindness and ensure we always stay with and take care of each other.

The two SAGOSKATT 2021 soft toy sandwiches holding hands on an illustrated grassy hill.
Peanut butter and Jelly are best friends. Together they taste great! I told them to be careful and kind, and to always take care of each other.

Audrey, 10

The SAGOSKATT 2021 dodo bird soft toy is sitting in an illustrated tree.
I drew a prehistoric dodo bird that looks goofy with his tongue sticking out. If we were to do math together, he’d say in his dorky voice: I can’t count.

Nick, 10

The SAGOSKATT 2021 fried egg soft toy has just come out from an illustrated egg.
I like to see eggs fry – the fun shapes they make, and so delicious! My toy does yoga and football, now he’s reading a book about chickens and eggs.

Zosia, 7

The SAGOSKATT 2021 mermaid-dog soft toy is standing in an illustrated flower bed.
My mermaid-dog lives in the sea and helps people and animals who get into trouble. I love the sea and I believe that such a kind creature can live there!

Savva, 9

The SAGOSKATT 2021 blue cat soft toy is taking a walk in an illustrated forest.
This cat is blue, the colour of dreams. A happy friend who likes people who are kind to animals and curls up with his toy fish when he’s sleepy.

Liepa, 8

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