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Toy storage

Giving toys a tidy home is child's play with our toy storage. TROFAST modular series combines different frames with your choice of toy boxes and shelves. It's easy to adapt or add to your combination, as your kids, and their toy collections, grow and change. Plus, the boxes make carrying toys easy, too.

Stepping on building blocks or tiny plastic toys is a painful horror of the past! With well-planned toy storage, you never have to endure such ghastly pains ever again.

Having a specific place to put everything when playtime is over makes tidying up so much easier. And with fun, nice-looking toy storage, it increases the chances of it getting done. So do your kids (but mostly yourself) a favour and get proper toy storage for all rooms in dire need of toy stashing.

How to manage your toy storage

Toys multiply much quicker than you’d think, via birthdays, Christmases, and hand-me-downs, to name a few. And if you have more than one child, chances are your family has more toys than all other furniture and interior decorations combined. Keeping all of that organized can be tricky.

That’s why it’s so important to manage the storage, or things will soon get out of hand. What you need to do is go through the toys from time to time. Schedule regular managing sessions where you check each toy. Make sure to get rid of the broken ones, as they won’t be played with and might even be dangerous.

Next, try to keep an eye out for toys that your kids never play with anymore. You probably can’t ask them, as they likely won’t want to give anything up. So be on the lookout!

Lastly, continuously check for toys that your kids might have outgrown. They won’t be played with either, so no use in keeping them in the house. When you’ve gathered a neat collection of toys not used anymore, you can pass them on to someone who’ll enjoy them.

Constantly doing these three things will help you manage and maximize your kids' toy storage.

Toy storage units that fit any room

Many of our toy storage units consist of wooden framed squares with lightweight plastic toy boxes made to fit. And there are lots of combinations to be made, depending on what you're looking for. Do you want a horizontal or vertical frame? Over a single row or several rows? With toy boxes high or low, in bright or mellow colours? Whatever style you just imagined, we’re certain you can find it in our range.

If you want the storage to play well with a calm interior, we recommend you go for cool colours like white or grey. However, if the frame is to be added to a colourful disco room, you’ll want the prop to play the part. Why not opt for toy boxes in orange, pink, or turquoise?

If you don’t want the toy storage to be prominent, you can always hide it instead. For example, by placing it in a larger wardrobe. Or why not use the space under the bed? That way, the toys are close at hand and your kid can easily pull them out or put them away at any time.