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Looks like music. Sounds like art.

    What if music looked as good as it sounds? Well, your wish is our command with the latest addition to the SYMFONISK speaker family: a picture frame with WiFi speaker. In collaboration with audio experts Sonos, this smart speaker combines brilliant sound with artistic vision. Available in a variety of interchangeable front panels with unique designs, there’s a SYMFONISK speaker in tune with every mood and every kind of personality.

    • ♪ [modern techno music begins] ♪

      A woman rises from a desk with a typewriter, and goes to a built-in shelf. She picks up a sheaf of paper, sits in an office chair, and rolls backward.

      As she twirls in the chair, the camera zooms in on a flat, rectangular black SYMFONISK speaker mounted on the wall.

      A delicate fractal pattern appears on the speaker, and the woman brushes her hand along the bottom of it.

      She twirls out of view, and the camera lands on a bright room, where a man is ironing clothes on a rack, and another man is lying on a makeshift bed while bouncing a ball off the wall.

      The second man suddenly does a backflip off the bed, as the first man begins ironing to the beat of the music. The first man joins the second man and they begin walking in sync.

      The camera zooms in on a white SYMFONISK speaker with a delicate fractal pattern, lit by the setting sun.

      ♪ [music swells as a wordless chorus begins] ♪

      The three people are in a white room, dancing expressively. They reach for the sun.

      The scene shifts to a gallery setting, where our trio is looking at three wall-mounted black SYMFONISK speakers.

      The Sonos and IKEA logos appear on a white screen.

    Close-up of a white SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker on a shelf, partially cast in shadow.
    Room-filling sound from a place where you are not expecting it.

    Stjepan BegicProduct Developer, IKEA of Sweden

    A white SYMFONISK picture frame with wireless speaker hangs on a white wall next to an easel and paintbrushes.

    A smart speaker you can’t take your eyes off of

    The SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker is designed to blend seamlessly into your home. Hang it horizontally or vertically, or stand it on a table or even on the floor – like a sculpture but with sound.

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    Close-up of a white SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker.
    The idea has a strong design identity. It’s very much about personalization – the picture and good sound are put into focus.

    Andreas FredrikssonDesigner, IKEA of Sweden

    Surprising design in sync with your home

    The picture frame has a slim wireless speaker that is fully compatible with the Sonos range and other speakers in the SYMFONISK family, as well as the IKEA Home smart range. It is a perfect duet of superb sound and streamlined design.

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