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SYMFONISK WiFi speakers

Release the sound of your home

Just about everything in life is better with music. Washing up, kicking back, flossing, Tuesdays – add your favourite soundtrack and routine moments turn into something else completely.

In close collaboration with audio-experts Sonos we've created SYMFONISK – great-sounding, great-looking pieces of furniture that blend into the home in new ways and make it easier to furnish with sound.

Available now.

Got questions? That's music to our ears

There must be lots of things you want to ask about SYMFONISK, so we've got lots of answers for you.

  • What is the SYMFONISK range?

    The first products in the SYMFONISK range are a WiFi bookshelf speaker and an all-new table lamp with WiFi speaker.

    Will there be more products in this range?

    We can’t comment on future plans or roadmap, however the SYMFONISK family is a fully-functioning part of the Sonos system and a part of both companies’ long-term planning.

    When will these products become available?

    Products resulting from the collaboration between IKEA and Sonos will be launched starting August 2019. The rollout for Canada will be in August 2019.

    How much will the SYMFONISK WiFi speakers cost?

    The SYMFONISK table lamp will cost $249, and the SYMFONISK bookshelf speaker will cost $149.

    Where can I buy them?

    You will be able to buy SYMFONISK directly from IKEA online and at IKEA stores.

    Can I buy them directly from Sonos?

    No, the SYMFONISK family of speakers is only available from IKEA.

    How will a SYMFONISK speaker differ from a regular Sonos speaker?

    The SYMFONISK range are full members of the Sonos family, controlled using the Sonos app, directly from select partner apps like Spotify and Deezer, and also AirPlay 2. The table lamp speaker has the same sound profile as Play:1 and Sonos One, and the bookshelf speaker delivers a lot of value – it will sound great for the many people.

    Will SYMFONISK be voice-enabled?

    The SYMFONISK speakers do not have integrated microphones and are therefore not voice-enabled directly. Because SYMFONISK is a part of the Sonos system, you will of course be able to control this speaker using other voice enabled products such as a Sonos One, Sonos Beam or other Alexa (and soon Google Assistant) enabled products.

    Will a SYMFONISK speaker and a regular Sonos speaker be able to connect with each other?

    Absolutely. All SYMFONISK and Sonos speakers will work perfectly together as part of the Sonos sound system – and can be controlled using the Sonos app.

    You can even pair-up either speaker in the SYMFONISK range to use as rears in a home theatre setup.

    What is the integration with light and when will it be available?

    While the collaboration between Sonos and IKEA aims to bring light and sound together, at this point we can’t comment on the scope or the timeline of this integration.

    Why doesn't it have Bluetooth?

    Rather than operating as a single speaker (tethered to your phone) the Sonos system works over your home’s wireless network to deliver uninterrupted, high-quality streaming music all around the home. You, and anyone connected to your home WiFi network, can control one speaker or many all around the home, using the Sonos app, which gives you access to major streaming services, podcasts, audiobooks, radio and much more.

    Can the SYMFONISK speakers be paired to create a stereo pair?

    Yes, any two of the same speaker type can be paired to create a stereo pair. They can also be used as rears for a 5.0/5.1 home theatre system.

    Will SYMFONISK products receive all Sonos updates and features?

    Yes, SYMFONISK products will receive Sonos updates and new features for years to come, unless the feature is tied to specific hardware not included in SYMFONISK (i.e. voice).

Check out all the great features

There are lots of good things to say about SYMFONISK. There’s the rich and vibrant sound, of course. Then there’s the WiFi connectivity, that makes it possible to stream without interruptions however many times the phone rings. It’s the fact that you can use two identical speakers if you want stereo sound and that you can connect as many speakers as you want to create a multiroom system (SYMFONISK or Sonos, they all work together). Each speaker is controlled separately – perfect since it means that you can play different music in different rooms just as easily as you play the same everywhere.

Want to know more?

The best sounding lamp in the world

The SYMFONISK table lamp with WiFi speaker shines a new light on sound, literally. Bringing together two powerful mood boosters with two functions in one means one less cord to hide, one less power outlet to reach, and one less product to buy. Best of all - the table lamp speaker isn’t too loud (unless you turn up the volume, of course). It simply blends in to your décor, in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

We knew from the start that we wanted to challenge traditional high-tech aesthetics. The lamp speaker comes from the idea of the fireplace – a piece that spreads warmth and sound.

Iina Vuorivirta, IKEA designer

The best sounding shelf in the world

Is it possible to create high-quality sound while saving space? If you ask IKEA and Sonos, our answer is a unanimous yes. The proof is the versatile SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker.

This is not your average speaker. It’s great tucked away in the bookshelf or on display. Mount it on the wall or use speaker hooks to hang it on a rail in your kitchen.

Andreas Fredriksson, IKEA designer

IKEA and Sonos

At IKEA, we’re great at home furnishing but new to sound. Sonos, on the other hand, has expertise in sound and technology and is curious about new ways of making sound blend into the home – just like us.

By combining the best of our two worlds, we make high-quality sound affordable and available – and create products that neither of us could come up with on our own.

This partnership is about our 2 companies’ shared passions, values and knowledge. IKEA and Sonos recognize the importance of great sound and its potential to improve life at home.

Tad Toulis, VP of Design Sonos

Your business will sound good with SYMFONISK speakers

Just about everything in life is better with music. SYMFONISK WiFi speakers are a great addition to a waiting area, meeting room, retail shop or anywhere else you want to have great music.