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5 vegetables you can regrow from kitchen scraps

Make yourself a green gift that keeps on giving. Veggies have much more to offer after they’ve been trimmed for a salad or chopped for a stir-fry. Here’s 5 of our favourites to re-use and regrow.

Here’s 5 of our favourite vegetables to re-use and regrow.
Here’s 5 of our favourite vegetables to re-use and regrow.

1. PARSNIPS AND CARROTS can be grown the same way. Just pop the thick ends in some water (keep the water topped up otherwise they come up like old raisins) and in a few days you should get leaves appearing. Carrot greens are great chopped up in salads or soup.

2. IF YOU HOLD ONTO the bottom of a bunch of celery you can stick it in water (root side first) and you’ll get fresh leaves in a couple of weeks. The leaves are super nice for salads, but replant them in soil if you want the sticks as well.

3. THIS ONE’S SUPER EASY. Just take some old garlic that’s started to sprout and put it shoot side up in some soil (or a cup of water) near a sunny place. Each clove sends up shoots, which are great for a mild garlic flavour. They also add a fresh crunch to your stir-fries or salads.

4. THIS IS MORE FOR A FUN PROJECT, we popped these sweet potatoes in a glass and left them for 3 weeks. If you leave them for a bit longer you’ll get these beautiful lush leaves growing, which are delicious. They can be cooked like spinach.

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