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Modern life: a décor-centric small apartment for living well

When this couple decided to move in together, they did so with a common vision of what home should mean. Between the walls of their one-bedroom apartment, they’ve distilled their mutual love of order, elegance and entertaining, creating an inviting space they’re pleased to return to every single day.

A standing person cutting the hair of a seated person in a kitchen with an ash effect EKBACKEN worktop.
A standing person cutting the hair of a seated person in a kitchen with an ash effect EKBACKEN worktop.

A small kitchen that packs a punch

Aesthetically, their kitchen is nothing short of charming, with art on the walls and a natural colour palette tying it all together. But beyond beauty, their kitchen is a deeply practical space, with open and closed storage holding everything they need.

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A kitchen with an ARTISTISK chopping board, cooking utensils, kitchenware and a tea infuser hung from rails.
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The do-it-all dining room

To call this space their dining room feels a bit limiting. Yes, this is where they eat most of their meals, but it’s also sometimes where they work, lay out maps to plan their trips, play cards, and serve up snacks for their friends when an evening soiree is underway.

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Two people chatting in a kitchen with grey-green BODARP drawer fronts, cabinets, a worktop, a sink and a table with a bench.
An IKEA 365+ carafe with stopper containing water behind four grey OMBONAD goblets placed on a bamboo OSTBIT tray.
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A lively, friend-focused living room

Their graphic sofa draws the right kind of attention, while still being a comfortable spot to sit and chat for hours on end. With everything in arms reach, from the next record to a delicious snack on the coffee table, it’s not surprising that afternoon tea often evolves into evening drinks.

A living room with a white BURVIK side table and a birch BORGEBY coffee table on a light brown LANGSTED rug.
A living room with several IVAR cabinets with sliding doors under a window, with glass vases with flowers and plants on top.
A living room with two white EKET wall-mounted shelving units holding vinyl records, with a record player in top.
A living room with an ODDNY cushion cover with black and white pattern, a golden-yellow cushion cover and a throw, on a sofa.
Living room with a SÖDÅKRA pendant lamp, a KLIPPAN sofa, chairs, a rug, a coffee table, a table and lamps.

A curated sleep space for two

A free-floating bed immediately greets you as you walk into their bedroom. With just three walls, the placement opens the space up for other things, with the bed creating a natural walkway behind for them to open a curtain and access their impeccably organized clothing collection.

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A bedroom with an ÅKERFIBBLA bedding set with a checkered pattern on a bed, with a stool and two floor lamps.
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A bathroom for get up and go style

Like the rest of their home, their bathroom has been designed with both beauty and function at its heart. Wooden shelves, woven baskets and waffle weave towels make for welcoming touches while clean, white storage provides the space they need for their toiletries, household cleaning products and extra linen.

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A bathroom with two black SKOGSVIKEN hooks, a towel, toiletries, toothbrushes in a toothbrush holder and a soap dispenser.
A bathroom with two high-gloss white GODMORGON high cabinets with an open door with towels, boxes and products inside.
A bathroom with a black VILTO towel stand, towels, washcloths, shower brushes and two black hooks on the wall.
A bathroom with a bamboo SALUDING laundry basket with lid, folded bath towels, a black towel stand, toiletries and boxes.
A bathroom with a mirror above a high-gloss white GODMORGON wash-stand with two drawers, a wooden storage unit and towels.
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